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Chat Program for Networks - with pop-up point-n-shoot menus (mouseable) and supports multiple servers. Includes a TSR version.
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Chat Program for Networks – with pop-up point-n-shoot menus (mouseable) and supports multiple servers. Includes a TSR version.
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Contents of the CHAT.DOC file


By Dave Frailey

Chat is a simple application designed to facilitate chatting between users on
the same file server, or between other servers available on a internet.

As with most things the author does, its written in assembler. Even though
it requires you to be logged in to a file server when you wish to initiate a
chat session, it actually uses low-level IPX/SPX packet calls to do its
communicating with the remote user.

You can run Chat either as a foreground application, or you can give it a
/R switch to load it as a TSR. When its loaded as a TSR, you can initiate
chats while running other text based applications by calling it up with its
Shift-Ctrl-Z hotkey. Also, when loaded as a TSR, you will immediately receive
a pop-up window whenever someone else initiates a chat request, allowing
you to engage in chat without having to leave your current application.
Loading Chat as a TSR consumes aproximately 31k of memory. If you wish to
have the memory back, you can run it with a /U switch to "uninstall" it.

When you initiate a chat with someone that does not have Chat loaded as a TSR,
and they are not currently running chat in the foreground, a Novell broadcast
message is sent to the desired user indicating you wish to chat (bug?) them.

When a chat connection is established, a chat window is opened. The CHAT1.COM
program uses a single window session while CHAT2.COM uses a split screen to
separate characters received from characters typed. They are interchangeable
with each other.

Either user can terminate a chat connection by pressing Escape, which
immediately closes the other user's chat window.

CHAT is free software, compliments of the author. If you use it, I'd like
to hear from you. CHAT is copyrighted by the author, all rights reserved.

Dave Frailey
June 1992

DAC Micro Systems
40941 176th St E
Lancaster, CA 93535

Voice: 800-776-1322
BBS: 805-264-1219

Other software by the same author:

dCOM 4.0 - The Directory Commander

This is the most powerful Dos Shell and menuing system you can run on
a Novell network. It is fully NetWare aware with a full range of
security features. Its macro language (which is the underlying platform
of its menuing system) supports such powerful options as being able
to loop around any type of bindery object (similar to being able to
use a batch file FOR command against the bindery), display pop-up
selection menus using multiple mask combinations on any bindery type,
access just about any item of Dos or Novell system information with
system variables, set and access up to 64k of temporary or permanent
user variables, and so on.... All Novell login script commands are
functionally supported and execute between 10 and 100 times faster.
Conditional (nestable) IF/THEN/ELSEIF/ENDIF blocks and nestable DO,
or DO WHILE blocks let you write macros using expressions normally
only found in high-level languages - or you can use the macros as
simply as in the MS-Dos batch language.

The file handler side of dCOM can copy entire directory structures
between volumes and retain directory trustees. Additionally, it also
includes a multi-windowed text editor, print spooler, alarms/events,
and much more.

The power in dCOM can't begin to be described even if I continued to
use several more pages of this document. It is written 100% in
assembler. On 386 machines with upper memory, or on 286 machines with
the high memory area available, it uses less than 4k of conventional

XGATE 1.3 - A high powered SMTP to MHS gateway

This is a high-quality, intuitive, seamless MHS to SMTP gateway. It
requires virtually no administration (no aliasing, look-up tables,
etc...). Addressing from both sides is kept as simple as possible.
One XGATE installation can service any number of MHS hosts.

XGATE is also written in 100% assembly language.

ULIST - A userlist dump/printing utility

ULIST provides an aesthetic method for users to print a list of all
users on your file server, or neighboring file servers. It can also
provide a means for users browse through all users. It adds and
maintains additional fields in the bindery for tracking users phone
numbers and the office they work for.

The current shareware versions of all of these packages can be downloaded
by calling the dCOM Support BBS, and on other BBS' or Compuserve.

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