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LANtastic NOS version 4.0 upgrade information.
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LANtastic NOS version 4.0 upgrade information.
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Spring Comdex, May 20, 1991

Includes Increased Windows Support, Faster Performance, New Features

(TUCSON, Ariz--May 20, 1991)--Artisoft announced today that LANtastic
v4.0, the latest version of its network operating system, will be
available June 1991. "LANtastic v4.0 is faster and includes feature
enhancements designed to increase the productivity of growing
businesses," said Jack Schoof, Artisoft's President and CEO.

LANtastic v.4.0 will support Microsoft Windows 3.0 in real, standard,
and enhanced modes on both non-dedicated servers and workstations.
Its menu-driven install program has been refined to provide simple
installation to a variety of system configurations. LANtastic v4.0
is unloadable from RAM memory and allows users to execute remote
batch commands on the server from their workstations. UPS
(uninteruptable power supply) support has been added with automatic
and remote shutdown capability as well as additional advanced

The LANtastic v4.0 upgrade is available to all registered end users
through Artisoft or any authorized Artisoft dealer. the upgrade will
cost $50 per network for networks using Artisoft's 2Mbps or AE-2
Ethernet Adapters. LANtastic/AI (adapter independent NOS) v3.xx
single-node users can upgrade to v4.0 for $99 per network or $50 for
one station.

LANtastic/AI (adapter independent) NOS v4.0 will be available on a
per node basis for $99 each or a new unlimited version for $2499 that
supports up to 300 users. LANtastic/AI v4.0 single-node networks of
five nodes or more can expand to the unlimited version for $1999.

LANtastic/AI v3.xx networks of single nodes wanting to upgrade to
v4.0 and expand to the unlimited version will receive full credit
($99 per node) up to twenty-five nodes towards the LANtastic/AI v4.0
unlimited price of $2499. Networks using Artisoft's older NOS/AI
unlimited (no longer available) can convert/upgrade to LANtastic v4.0
unlimited for $299.

LANtastic/AI is the adapter independent version of the LANtastic
network operating system designed to run on third-party adapters. It
includes the network operating system, NetBIOS, and hardware drivers
for various adapters from the following manufacturers; Western
Digital, Xircom, Thomas-Conrad, Standard Microsystems, Gateway,
Novell, ACCTON, Tandy, 3COM, and SC&C.

For more information about the Artisoft product line, contact
Artisoft, Inc., Artisoft Plaza, 575 E. River Road, Tucson, AZ 85704.
Telephone 602-293-6363. Fax 602-293-8065. BBS 602-293-0065.

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