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Allows easy access to Novell's print spooling by using a hot-key.
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Allows easy access to Novell’s print spooling by using a hot-key.
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Written By Steve Olensky

December 1986


PopSpool is a ram resident program that can be "popped" up on top of
an application by pressing ALT-PRTSC. PopSpool was designed to allow
easy access to Novell's print spooling. In particular, PopSpool will
allow you to direct your printouts to your local printer or to your
file server printer with ease. Because a ram resident program has a
fixed memory overhead it is usually a good idea to put as many things
into the program as possible. Therefore, PopSpool also has a utility
that will easily allow you to set your printer, and a calendar just
for good measure.

Starting PopSpool

To load PopSpool simply enter POPSPOOL from the command line. If you
do not have Novell installed but want to use PopSpool's functions
other than spooling control, enter POPSPOOL /N. The spooling function
will not appear on the Menu with this command. Also, the printer
command file can be named by adding #filename on the command line.


Printer Setup File Parameters

When PopSpool installs it reads a file called PRINTER.FIL (unless you
have changed the name when starting PopSpool). This file contains the
instructions for setting up your printer. The following rules apply
in creating your printer setup file:

1 The printer setup file cannot contain more than 10 commands.

2 Each command consists of two lines. The first line is the
prompt. The second line contains the characters you wish to
send to the printer.

3 The prompt line is limited to 38 characters. The control line
is limited to 80 characters.

4 To send a control character to the printer you must proceed
the ascii value of the character with the symbol "#". All
control sequences must be separated by spaces.

Here is an example of a printer setup file with 3 commands ...

Set Condensed Mode
Set Normal Mode
Send Test String
This #32 is #32 a #32 test#32 #13 #10

Notice the last control line requires #32 to send a space between
words. This is because the space character is used as a delimiter and
will not be sent to the printer. The last two control characters send
a carriage return and line feed.

PopSpool Menu

To "pop up" PopSpool's menu enter ALT-PRTSC. PopSpool will pop up
over your application. Simply press the appropriate control key for
the desired function.

F1 - Printer Setup

This function will display a list of printer options defined in your
printer control file. Select the desired option or press to

F2 - Spooler Commands

If you are running under Novell this function will allow you to
select where your printouts will go. The cancel option will not
cancel a print job that has started to print, it will only cancel a
job before a despool has occurred.

F3 - Calendar

This function will display a monthly calendar. The current month and
year displayed will be based on your system clock settings. You may
change the month or year by pressing the up and down keys to change
the year, or the left and right keys to change the month. To exit
press the key.

Exiting PopSpool

To exit PopSpool's menu press the key. PopSpool uses
approximately 60k of your computer's memory. The only way to reclaim
this memory is to reboot the computer.

Shareware Concept

PopSpool is my first attempt to offer a program under the shareware
concept. I have written several other programs that are available
commercially and this is an attempt to see if the shareware concept
pays off as good as the commercial concept. If you would like the
source code to PopSpool (which will allow you to get rid of my name
on the menu screen) then please send $25.00 to my address below.

MOBILE, AL 36608

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