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Netware Accounting Data List .
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Netware Accounting Data List .
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Contents of the ACCTDATA.DOC file

ACCTDATA - NetWare Accounting Data List Program V1.21
(c) Copyright Manth-Brownell, Inc. 1989, 1990, 1992
All Rights Reserved
Novell and NetWare are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc.

Tim Schwab (CIS ID 76344,1533)
Manth-Brownell, Inc.
P.O. Box 59
Kirkville, NY 13082

Usage: ACCTDATA [Mode] [Option] [Filter]
Modes: /C - charge records (default)
/N - note records
Options: /D - display records between given dates
(use /Dmmddyy[-mmddyy] syntax)
/H - display records between given hours
(use /Hhhmm[-hhmm] syntax)
/P - output is send to lpt1
/Tn - display only a specific comment type (hexadecimal)
1. Connect Time 4. Logout
2. Disk Storage 5. Account Locked
3. Login 6. Set Date & Time
/A - display note records for given address
(use /Axxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxxx hexadecimal syntax)
/? - display usage information
Filters: Name - displays data for a specific object name

1. Acctdata.exe looks in the current directory for net$acct.dat, so
install it in \system, or copy net$acct.dat to the directory
containing acctdata.exe.
2. Acctdata.exe will use a file called net$addr.dat to substitute logical
names for physical addresses. An example net$addr.dat is included.
Formatting for net$addr.dat is important: 8 character network number,
colon, 12 chracter node number, colon, 21 character logical name (pad
with spaces if necessary), CR/LF. 1 record per line, 1000 lines max.

1. acctdata /n display note records
2. acctdata /n /t4 display logout note records
3. acctdata /n /t4 /d010192-013192 display logout notes for jan 92
4. acctdata /c /a0000000a:02608c009911 display charge records for station
5. acctdata /n /h0800-0859 display notes for 8am hour

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