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2 of 4: Documentation for the Clarkson PC/TCP package.
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2 of 4: Documentation for the Clarkson PC/TCP package.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Release 9.x of the Clarkson collection of packet drivers

Every word that follows is important. Please put as much care into
reading it as I put into writing it. A readme with an attitude.

For installation instructions, read INSTALL.DOC.

For changes to the packet drivers, see CHANGES.DOC.

For a list of possible problems, see BUGS.DOC.

For descriptions of the files, see MANIFEST.DOC.

For the copyright, see COPYING.DOC. In part it says that: You cannot
stop anyone from doing anything you can do with it, and the source
code for all modules must be available.


I've only written about 50% of the work that I distribute, see SUPPORT.DOC.

We have a mailing list, send "help" to [email protected]

If you are creating or modifying a driver, please contact me (see below).

If you're having trouble, please contact me -- it MAY not be your fault.

Please report bugs to me. Don't assume someone else already has.

If you use these packet drivers, please consider making a donation to

If you are a manufacturer of networking cards, please consider
donating hardware to Clarkson University. Many companies have
already done so (see SUPPORT.DOC), and I have been able to create
many packet drivers that otherwise wouldn't have existed.

Russell Nelson, Editor of the Clarkson collection of packet drivers.
[email protected], [email protected], FAX (315)-268-6570
Educational Resource Center, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY 13699-5585

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