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Netware 3.1X LAN driver Version 2.05 for WPLUSSV.LAN.
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Netware 3.1X LAN driver Version 2.05 for WPLUSSV.LAN.
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Contents of the INSTALL.DOC file



The purpose of this document is to briefly explain the
installation of the NetWare 386 LAN drivers that are used
with the 8003/8013 family LAN adapters.

The files in the release diskette are:

INSTALL.DOC This file.
RELEASE.DOC Version number and specific release
WDPLUSSV.LAN Netware 386 StarLAN/Ethernet Server driver.

1. Refer to the NetWare 386 Installation manual and follow
the instructions to partition the hard disk and to copy
the necessary system files to drive C:.

2. Copy WDPLUSSV.LAN from this diskette to drive C:.

3. Follow the "Run SERVER" and the "Load loadable modules"
sections of Novell's Installation Manual to Step (3) -
Load LAN driver module.

load c:wdplussv

4. Answer the prompts for the hardware attributes of each
adapter. Depending on the type of adapter you have, there
are up to four adapter specific configuration parameters
the driver may ask you to supply:

1) I/O Base Address.
2) Interrupt Request (IRQ) Level.
3) RAM Buffer Base Address.
4) Size of RAM Buffer - Enter 200 for 8K bytes
800 for 32K bytes.
5) MCA Bus Slot number (Micro Channel Only).

For the 8003EP, 8003EB, 8003W, 8013EP, 8013W, and 8013EW,
the driver will only prompt you for the I/O Base Address.

For the 8003E, 8003WT, 8003EBT, 8003S, and 8003SH, the
first four parameters listed above are required.

For the 8013EBT adapter, the first three parameters
listed above are required.

For all Micro Channel adapters, only the bus slot number
is required.

If you do not want the prompts to appear, you can include
the required configuration parameters in a command line.
Refer to the NetWare 386 System Administration manual
under LOAD LAN drivers.

For the 8003EP, 8003EB, 8003W, 8013EP, 8013W, and 8013EW:

load c:wdplussv port=280

For the 8003E, 8003WT, 8003EBT, 8003S, and 8003SH:

load c:wdplussv port=280 int=3 mem=d0000:200

For 8013EBT adapters:

load c:wdplussv port=280 int=3 mem=d0000

For all Micro Channel adapters.

load c:wdplussv slot=1

This NetWare 386 server driver when used with StarLAN
adapters does NOT support the old StarLAN packet protocol
used by the Novell StarLAN driver for AT&T StarLAN
adapters. This packet protocol was the default protocol
used on all 8003/8013 family Netware 2.15 workstation
shell drivers prior to driver version 3.07. In order for
these older workstation drivers to function with this
driver, they must be configured to use IEEE 802.3 StarLAN
packets. For instructions on configuring the older
Netware 2.15 workstation drivers for the StarCard PLUS,
refer to the INSTALL.DOC file included with the NetWare
2.15 drivers.

5. Proceed with Step (4) - Load other loadable modules - to
continue the installation of NetWare 386.

The driver has to be bound to start working (refer to the
section "Bind the protocol to the LAN driver").

This is licensed by Western Digital for use by its customers only.

Western Digital is a registered trademark of Western Digital
Corporation. Other trademarks mentioned herein belong to
their respective companies.

Copyright (c) 1990 Western Digital Corporation
All Rights Reserved.

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