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Public domain packet viewer, very good.
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Public domain packet viewer, very good.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARCSAMPL.PVD 5374 1333 deflated
DEMO.C 6464 1747 deflated
ETHSAMPL.PVD 4166 1072 deflated
HEADER.ASM 2144 567 deflated
HEADER.OBJ 325 268 deflated
HOSTS 242 148 deflated
IP.H 1431 414 deflated
MAKEBC 329 186 deflated
MAKEMSC 294 177 deflated
NODES 541 275 deflated
OIDS 443 145 deflated
PV.EXE 162470 49230 deflated
PVFILTER.HLP 3140 846 deflated
PVMAIN.HLP 6206 1140 deflated
PVMATCH.HLP 1607 458 deflated
PVMENU.HLP 1607 492 deflated
STRUCTS.H 4553 1106 deflated
TIPS.TXT 2714 1174 deflated
TOKSAMPL.PVD 51105 19569 deflated
VENDORS 363 201 deflated

Download File PACKDEMO.ZIP Here

Contents of the TIPS.TXT file

Tips on loading and using a Packet Driver

1) Locate and download the appropriate CRYNWR Packet Driver from the
BBS. A simple scan of the files in the CRYNWR Packet Driver file
area will list all those packet drivers currently available from
the BBS. If you cannot find the packet driver you need, please call
Klos Technologies and we will try to help you find an appropriate
packet driver.

2) To determine all command line parameters for the packet driver, simply
execute the packet driver with NO parameters. Example:

Packet driver for NE2000, version :.4.1
Packet driver skeleton copyright 1988-92, Crynwr Software.
This program is free software; see the file COPYING for details.
NO WARRANTY; see the file COPYING for details.

usage: NE2000 [-n] [-d] [-w]

DO NOT USE THE "-n", "-d", OR "-w" OPTIONS WHEN USING PacketView.

3) All hexadecimal command line parameters MUST be preceeded by "0x".
For example, to load the NE2000 packet driver with set
to 60 (hex), using 2 and 300 (hex), enter the
following command:

C:\>ne2000 0x60 2 0x300

Tips on extracting and using the PacketView Demo

1) You MUST have PKUNZIP in order to extract the PacketView Demo software

If you do not have PKUNZIP, you may download either PKZ110EU.EXE or
PKZ204G.EXE, which will create the PKUNZIP program when executed.

2) The PacketView Demo software is fully functional with the following
three exceptions:

a) Only 128 packets OR 64K of packet data can be captured at a time.

b) Every eighth packet is filled with a DEMO pattern.

c) Packet data CANNOT be written to disk.

All other features and capabilites are present in the Demo, including
Capture and Display Filters, Symbolic Representation of Host and Node
Addresses, All the Protocol Decoders, etc.

3) The help screens are available by pressing F1 at just about all
screens. Some keys are "toggles", and most keys are easy to learn.

If you need help

If you have ANY problems, either accessing the Bulliten Board OR loading
and running the PacketView Demo, feel free to call Klos Technologies, Inc.
at (603) 424-8300. Thank you for your interest in PacketView! Enjoy the

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