Dec 142017
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Category Network Files
Novell Netware lan drivers to create a work station shell which will run on top of a Clarkson University packet driver.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APDLAN.OBJ 2266 1481 deflated
BPDLAN.OBJ 2266 1481 deflated
CPDLAN.OBJ 2266 1481 deflated
DPDLAN.OBJ 2266 1481 deflated
ECONFIG.EXE 24269 12918 deflated
PDLAN.LAN 389 135 deflated
PDSHELL.LAN 144 102 deflated
PDSHELL.OBJ 1632 1148 deflated
READ.ME 10008 3742 deflated

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