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Test Lantastic server.
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Test Lantastic server.
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Contents of the SRVRTST.DOC file

LANtastic v 5.0 offers a new deferred login feature. While this is a
nice feature it does have a few rough edges. One is that if a
server that was logged into with the deferred switch is accessed before
the server comes on line, a critical error will be generated. There
is no way to test if a server that has been logged into with the
deferred switch is now active without generating a critical error . . .
until now.

Srvrtst will test a server whose name is entered on the command line,
if the workstation is logged into the server and the server is active
srvrtst will return an error level of 0.

If the workstation is logged into the server BUT the server is currently
unavailable, srvrtst will return an error of 1.

If the workstation is NOT logged into the server srvrtst will return an
error level of 2.

Assume that you have a workstation and two servers, sam and george.
Sam is active and george has not been turned on yet. You issue the

Net login/deferred \\sam
net login/deferred \\george

SRVRTST SAM will return an error level of 0
SRVRTST GEORGE will return an error level of 1
SRVRTST BILLY will return an error level of 2

The following batch file shows how this command can be used

@echo off
srvrtst %1

if errorlevel==2 goto notserver
if errorlevel==1 goto unserver

echo Server %1 available for use
goto end
echo Server %1 unavailable for use
goto end
echo Not logged into server %1

SRVRTST.EXE is not freeware, nor is it in the public domain. It is a
shareware program, and the entire program and documentation are
Copyright (C) 1993 Rick R. Roth, Tucson, Az. You are encouraged
to copy the package freely, including distribution by BBS, shareware
library, or other means, provided that (1) the distribution shall
consist of the original archive containing the program and this doc-
umentation file, and (2) no fee of more than five US dollars ($5)
shall be charged for the copy.


To register your copy of Reconect.EXE, send a postcard to:

Rick R. Roth
P.O. Box 5011
Tucson, Az 85703

This license is good for one network, and the software can be installed
on all computers on this network.



The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or
implied and assumes no liability for damages either from its
direct use or as a consequence of its use. Have you hugged
your backup today?

I have tested it on several computers and found that found that it works
well on all of them. All computers have been running LANtastic(tm) NOS v5.0
and above and all running MS DOS 3.3 and above.

Please note that while the author is an employee of Artisoft, Inc., Artisoft
is not responsible for the contents of this file; the functioning of ANET.EXE
(or any damages resulting from the use or misuse of the program); and further,
Artisoft Technical Support and other employees of Artisoft, Inc. are


If you have problems or suggestions when using this program, direct them to
me Rick R. Roth through one of the following channels:

US Mail: P.O. Box 5011, Tucson, AZ 85703
CompuServ: Artisoft forum, 75300,1377
Arti-facts BBS: If you have a current account there.

Do NOT call the author during business hours for support, this program was
not written during business hours, it will not be supported during business

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