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Network chat program - two nodes. Works with any Netbios network.
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Network chat program – two nodes. Works with any Netbios network.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

NETCHAT (tm) Version 1.00A December 1, 1988

(C) Copyright 1988 by L. Brett Glass, Systems Consultant


NetChat allows you to conduct a conversation with users on other
computers connected to yours via a local area network (LAN).


To use NetChat, simply type "NetChat" at the DOS prompt. NetChat
will prompt for your name and join you to the ongoing conversation
(if any) on the LAN. To send a line of text to the other
participants, type a line of text (which will appear at the
bottom of the screen) and press Enter. To leave the conversation,
hold the "Ctrl" key down and, while doing so, press the "C" key.


NetChat can be used on any IBM PC-based local area network that
supports an Application Program Interface (API) called NetBIOS.
Under some network operating systems, such as Novell NetWare, you
may need to load a NetBIOS emulator prior to running NetChat.
This is usually accomplished by running a program called NETBIOS.
Consult your network documentation or your network vendor for


The program file NETCHAT.EXE is ShareWare. You may freely
redistribute copies of this file, provided that the following
conditions are met:

1. The program file NETCHAT.EXE is not modified in any way.

2. A copy of this file (READ.ME) accompanies the program file and is
not altered in any way from the original.

3. You do not represent that the software is either free or in the
public domain.

4. If you charge for making a copy of the program, the charge must
be customary and reasonable.

5. Any label attached to a physical copy of this software must bear
the copyright notice

(C) Copyright 1988 by L. Brett Glass, Systems Consultant

6. All rights not explicitly granted by this notice are retained
by the author.

Sales Tax

The author has not distributed, nor does he intend to distribute,
physical copies of this program. The responsibility for
collection of sales taxes on copies of this program lies solely
with those parties who make and distribute such copies.


If you use this program more than three times, or if you use
it for any business purpose, you should license it by sending
your name, your address, and a license fee to the address below.
The license fee for use of NETCHAT.EXE is $10 per network station
that runs the program.

Please address correspondence to:

L. Brett Glass, P.O Box 817, Palo Alto, CA 94302-0817

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