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Netware server utilization display, EGA+. Netware 286 only.
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Netware server utilization display, EGA+. Netware 286 only.
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Courtesy of Auto Exec Inc. (AEI)

BBS: Auto Exec BBS (508) 833-0508

NUTILIZE is a Novell Netware Utility that graphically shows the
utilization of a Novell Server, the current number connections,
the current files open, the maximum files opened during session,
and the maxium utilization during the session.

Requires EGA graphics

Run the program from the server you wish to monitor.

The x-axis is in 1 second increments, the x-axis base changes
color every minute

Testing on a 3 server network showed the function does not add
any utilization to the server. A problem I have encountered with
previous attempts.

If you use this routine on a continous basis, please send $5.00 to:

Auto Exec Inc. (AEI)
6 Ganneston Drive
Augusta, ME 04330

Please Mention NUTILIZE - We try to determine what products users find

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