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Maintain INI V1.6. Is a small DOS utility that use text script files to change/maintain Windows INI files. Even adds/changes device lines. Excellent network admin utility.
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Maintain INI V1.6. Is a small DOS utility that use text script files to change/maintain Windows INI files. Even adds/changes device lines. Excellent network admin utility.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

This is a small utility to modify any kind of INI-Files.

It is DOS-based, so you can easily do the modifications from your
batchfile or your network login script.

As example, you can add the TimerCriticalSection=10000 for all users
in the SYSTEM.INI file, just by doing the following:

Create a file named SYSTEM.CMD which contains:

And put the following command in you (system) login script:

After the new login, all your users have the new parameter set correctly
for the new WINUP9 from Novell.

A backupfile with the extension .BAK is made before modifying the file.
Normaly all section, keys and values are NOT case sensitive.
However _ and * give the possibility to match only if the case matches too.

MAINTINI can process INI-Files of any size, even larger than 64kBytes.
Just the CMD File should not have to much commands, because a dynamic list
with all commands is created. (The actual upper limit are 698 commands,
if you need more, then send me a mail or just splitt it in two cmd-files.
Anyway, to process a INI-file with 700 commands to apply is just slow.)

Commands of Maintini:

-[section] The corresponding section is deleted
-[section]Key The Key in section will be deleted
-[section]Key=Value The Key is only deleted if the Value matches exactly
This is used to delete device=... lines in system.ini
_[section]Key=Value Same as - but Value is case sensitive
Normaly not used.

#[section] The corresponding section is commented
#[section]Key The Key in section will be commented
#[section]Key=Value The Key is only commented if the Value matches exactly
This is used to comment device=... lines in system.ini

+[Section]Key= Adds Key in Section.
+[Section]Key=Value Adds Key and Value to section.
&[Section]Key=Value This Key/Value is always inserted, even if already
a key exists, but with a different value. Used to
insert device=... lines in System.ini
*[Section]Key=Value Same as &, but the value is casesensitive
Normaly not used.

![Section]Key=Value A key is inserted in section, but a numeric value is added to
Key, representing the highest+1 value of Key.
(Only ?) used for Progman.ini to add new program groups



If the command in ![Section]Key=Value2 then
the line is not duplicated.
You can only add one ! entry per Key in one pass, since
the system has a single pass scanner. If you have more
than one entry, the first is inserted correclty, but the
others are added with value = 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!

>[Section]Key= Value Adds Value to an existing value. The old Value is preserved
and the Value is added added at the end of the line.


>[Section]Key= Value1

Key=Value0 Value1

It is very important, that you have a space or a period sign
before the Value, this is to ensure that the , sign is placed
at the right place (or even ignored if this is the first value).

<[Section]Key=Value Deletes Value from the Key/Value line. Leading and trailing
period-signs are cut off.

You should not use more than one < or > command for each Section/Key !!!!
This does not behave correctly. If this is a limitation for you,
then you can tell me why you want another version who can do this.
I will then implement it, if I find the time to do it.

MAINTINI is emailware, which means if you find this program usefull,
you should send me a email. (Or a nice postcard if you don't have
acess to a email system)

If you send me a message, then I will inform you of all changes and
new versions of this utility.

My email adress:

Compuserve : 100034,3536 Andre Schild
Internet : [email protected]
AT&T Mail : mhs!csmail!100034.3536
X400 : /c=US/ad=compuserve/pd=csmail/
MCI : TO: Andre Schild
MBX: 100034,3536
MHS : [email protected] {100034,3536}

Postal adress: Andre Schild
Pfeidstrasse 8
CH-2555 Bruegg b. Biel

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