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Recent bug fixes for LANtastic 6.0.
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Recent bug fixes for LANtastic 6.0.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

* *
* NOTE: These NOS utility programs are only tested with LANtastic 6.0. *
* DO NOT use them with earlier versions of LANtastic. *
* *

************************* RPS.EXE NET_MGR.MNU ************************
DATE: Aug 17th, 1994
Purpose: To resolve the following problem reports:

Problem Report Number: T04595
Print jobs sent to an RPS resource take 60 seconds to despool. RPS v1.00.05
includes a /SCAN_DELAY switch to allow users to select how often RPS scans a
print queue for a print job. Caution should be taken when decreasing the
scanning interval, because performance will be degraded as network traffic

Problem Report Number: T06023
RPS /DETACH caused RPS users to be logged off the SERVER. This is a design
issue, RPS uses the same session that the WS has with the SERVER and when
the session is terminated previous redirections are lost. RPS v1.00.05
keeps the original session as long as the user has the despooler privilege.

Problem Report Number: T06024
Running WordPerfect 6.0 /DOS on a WS with RPS loaded, causes the WS to lock
up when exiting WP. RPS v1.00.04 fixes this problem.

Problem Report Number: T06075
RPS resets the printer before every print job. RPS v1.00.05 fixes this

Problem Report Number: T06618
After enabling the password lock on the NET_MGR menus, NET_MGR will not
accept spaces in Shared Resource Descriptions.


Unzip DUT600.ZIP to a temporary directory. Be sure to read the README.TXT
file carefully. Copy the files listed in the Product line (above) to your
LANtastic network directory (by default, this directory is C:\LANTASTI). Once
you have copied the updated files to the LANtastic directory, you can remove
the temporary directory.

Repeat this procedure on all machines on the network.

If you have any difficulties, please contact Artisoft Technical Support at
(602) 670-7000.

Brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective

LANtastic is a trademark of Artisoft, Inc. All rights reserved.

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