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Transfer files between two computers using serial ports.
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Transfer files between two computers using serial ports.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Dear User:

New features and improvements for XPORT Shareware Version 2.1a now
include the following:

1) A new command line switch, /M, to force XPORT to generate mono-only
screens. This is useful for users of laptops with problematic LCD
displays, that try to act like color adapters but don't render color
information properly, making an application program's screens hard
to read or not visible at all.

2) Support for the NS16550 UART, which includes 16-byte transmit and
receive FIFO buffers to improve throughput, advantageous in systems
using multitasking or heavy TSR-related background tasks.

3) Shorter .EXE file resulting from the use of a better compression
technique, for reduced disk space requirements.

4) A problem involving the use of the DOS APPEND facility and other
data path utilities has been resolved.

5) Color screens and shadow effects for improved screen readability.

6) Ability to sort file listing by either name or extension.

7) Ability to route ASCII files to remote printer.

8) Inverse video for file selection indication instead of flashing

9) Faster screen updates when working in remote mode, and other internal

Also included in this package is XCLONE.COM, which provides the
ability to copy XPORT.EXE to a system with an incompatible disk size
or format. Version 1.2 includes modifications to allow proper operation
with the 16550 UART.

Note to users of older versions of XPORT (Version 1.3b and older):
This new version (2.1a) is NOT compatible with the older versions; if you
happen to be using one of the old versions, you must either use it to
transfer the new one to the remote PC, or install the new one on both
conventionally via floppy disk, or use XCLONE.

Please read XPORT.DOC and XCLONE.DOC for further information.

If you use XPORT, please consider registering. If you do register,
you will receive a version that includes additional features. Also, as
features are added, I will inform you of the upgrades.

If you received this copy from one of the commercial shareware
distributors, you should know that I am not compensated in any way by
such distributors. The price you paid to obtain this program was a
materials and handling fee charged by the distributor. I get none of it.

Please be assured that I appreciate your willingness to evaluate
this product. Special thanks go to all of the bulletin board operators
who do such a remarkable job serving as the distribution channel for all
shareware products.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Ken Logsdon
Digital Innovations

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