Dec 122017
A nice mail system for Novell Networks.
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A nice mail system for Novell Networks.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHKMAIL.EXE 26661 16741 deflated
EASYMAIL.DOC 73490 11681 deflated
INSTALL.DOC 935 429 deflated
INVOICE.DOC 4273 453 deflated
MAIL.EXE 253264 112831 deflated
OEMHELP1.HLP 3128 1085 deflated
OEMHELP2.HLP 3532 1305 deflated
OEMHELP3.HLP 3667 1321 deflated
OEMHELP4.HLP 2943 1097 deflated
OEMHELP5.HLP 6684 1964 deflated
OEMHELP6.HLP 4674 1718 deflated
OEMHELP7.HLP 3212 1237 deflated
READ.ME! 1187 393 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME! file! File

Thanks for evaluating Oxford Easy Mail. The
Oxford following files should be included on this disk:

For Quick installation steps, print INSTALL.DOC

Oxford Systems For complete installation steps, as well as
97 Dennison system requirements, and usage instructions,
Oxford, MI 48371 print EASYMAIL.DOC
(313) 628-2672

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