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Keep time on work stations in sync with server.

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Syncronizes Workstation/Server clock.

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Keep time on work stations in sync with server.
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NOVSYNC.SYS Version 1.4 Release Date: 08-31-92

Copyright 1992 by Marc Perkel - All Rights Reserved

NovSync is a small device driver (300 bytes) that keeps the workstation
clock syncronized with the server clock. Every 8 minutes the workstation
reads the server time and sets the workstation time if it doesn't match.
Polling server time is staggerd so that all the workstations don't poll
the server at once. Polling is more often when an application reads the
system date or time.

This utility is useful when you change the server time, the workstations
time will change to match. It also keeps workstation clocks from
drifting and fixes a bios bug that some workstations have of not
advancing to the next day when midnight occurs. If your situation is
that you have to have the time on your workstations match, this is the
program for you.

It also keeps users from tampering with the date.

All you have to do is add a line to your CONFIG.SYS file:


If your using NOVSYNC.SYS with QEMM or other memory manager, load the
memory manager first.

NONSYNC can be disabled by running:


To reenable NOVSYNC:


This program is cheap too. Only $95 per server, $995 unlimited servers.

This program is included free with the Network Survival Kit.

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