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Server Watch Program for Netware. Was Commerical---Now Shareware.
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Server Watch Program for Netware. Was Commerical—Now Shareware.
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Contents of the SWATCH.DOC file

SWATCH.EXE (Server Watch): NetWare v2.x Management Utility
- Watch, trace, protocol file server statistics of NW v2.1x/v2.2x
- Statistics for system and LAN I/O can be traced over time
- Volume usage, user activities, open files displayed
- Watch access to specified files (with warnings, protocol, ...)
- Real-time, mouse driven, multiple pop-up/pull-down windows
- for Supervisor / Operator only
- full version, public domain

- Not neccessary

- Load mouse driver (if available)
- Login to the NetWork with appropriate rights (users without Operator
or Supervisor rights get limited info)
- Enter 'SWATCH'

- will be useful on NetWare 286 (v2.1x/v2.2x) only;
- gives useful info only to users with appropriate rights.

Author: Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Germany
Language: Turbo Pascal v6.0 / TurboVision
C/S ID: 75730,1051

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