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Addition to Novell's Map Command - Map search drives to a specific letter.
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Addition to Novell’s Map Command – Map search drives to a specific letter.
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MAPS - Map Novell Search
Version 1.0

Copyright (c) 1992
Robert Neal Barrett
8815 Thornbury Lane
Huntersville, NC 28078

CompuServe: 76530,1452


MAPS - An addition to Novell's MAP program. It has one major
reason for its existence: to map search drives to a specific
drive letter. Novell's MAP does not allow you to do this.

Command Syntax

To map a search drive to a specific letter, use the following


S# - This is where the drive mapping is to appear
in the path. S1 would be the first item, S2
would be the second, and so on. Up to 16 search
drives mapped to network volumes are allowed.

DRIVE# - Specify the desired drive letter to which the
drive should be mapped.

VOLUME: - The name of the network volume used for the
mapped drive.

PATH - The directory on the specified VOLUME for the mapped


INS - Use this option to insert a search drive mapping,
without replacing an existing mapping.

ROOT - Use this option to map a drive to a fake root

SERVER - If the network VOLUME for the drive mapping in
on a server other than the default server, specify
the target server's name here. The user must be
currently attached to the desired server.


This would map drive R: to directory APPS/WORDPERF on volume
SYS on server APPSERV, inserting the mapping into the first
position (rather than overwriting the mapping that may be
in the first position).


The ROOT option for MAPS requires the use of network shells
version 3.00 or later.

Using the Novell's MAP command to map a regular (non-search)
drive and adding that drive to the DOS PATH does *NOT*
accomplish the same thing that this program does. That's
why I wrote it! There is an internal table that the network
shell uses to keep track of network search drives. There is
only room for 16 entries in this table. Since MAPS updates
this table, drives mapped with MAPS will follow the same search
rules as drives mapped with Novell's MAP command. Also, using
this table allows the Novell LOGOUT command to remove the
mappings from the DOS PATH.

Be aware that to use this command in a login script, the
command line must be prepended with an "#" to indicate
that the command is external. Failure to do so will cause the
login script interpreter to read the command line as an
improperly syntaxed MAP command - no drive will be mapped.


This document and the program file MAPS.EXE ("the software") are

Copyright (c) 1992
Robert Neal Barrett
8815 Thornbury Lane
Huntersville, NC 28078
All Rights Reserved

The copyright owner hereby licenses you to: use the software
except as below; make as many copies of the program and
documentation as you wish; give such copies to anyone; and
distribute the software and documentation via electronic means.
There is no charge for any of the above.

This software is shareware. It may not be used without
purchasing the software from the copyright owner. If you use
it, the copyright owner requests $5.00. There are no additional
site-licensing fees. Commercial use is strictly prohibited
without written consent from the copyright owner.

You are specifically prohibited from charging, or requesting
donations, for any such copies, however made; and from
distributing the software and/or documentation with commercial
products without prior permission in writing from the copyright

Persons and organizations who are engaged in the distribution of
shareware, "freeware", and/or public domain software may include
MAPS on distribution disks as long as charges are made on a per-
disk basis rather than a per-program basis. Such persons and
organizations must not represent themselves as vendors,
distributors, or sellers of MAPS.

No copy of the software may be distributed without this document;
and the contents of the document must not be altered.

There is no warranty, expressed or implied, of any kind. The
copyright owner is not liable for damages of any kind. By using
this shareware software, you agree to this.


Netware is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc.

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