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CNE sample test for Certified Netware Engineer Candidates.
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CNE sample test for Certified Netware Engineer Candidates.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Read Me File for the
Novell Certified NetWare Engineer (CNE)
Assessment Test Diskette

The Certified NetWare Engineer Assessment Test is designed to help you
evaluate your NetWare skills. It will also give you practice answering
questions of a similar format to those on the actual CNE certification exams.

Because this test covers the concepts you are required to know for CNE
certification, the higher you score, the closer you may be to actually
becoming a CNE. However, the Assessment Test does not serve as an actual
certification exam, nor does performance on this test guarantee or directly
correlate to the degree of success you may have on the actual CNE
certification exams.

You may take the quizzes one at a time, in any order, and you may repeat each
quiz as often as you wish. The quizzes are not scored as pass or fail. The
numerical score enables you to evaluate the quality of your performance and
decide whether you would benefit from the training prescriptions provided.

At the end of each section quiz, your numerical score will appear along with
recommended study materials, called "prescriptions." Prescriptions for
each section are not customized based upon the section score, but display
all recommended study materials for that section. All study materials,
whether self-study, instructor-led or computer-based, are available through
your local Novell Authorized Education Center (NAEC).

We thank you for taking the challenge to "put your networking knowledge to the
test." Good Luck.

How to start the CNE Assessment Test program

1. Place the diskette containing the CNE Assessment Test into a disk drive.
2. Transfer control to that drive (e.g., A: then )
3. At the prompt for the disk drive, type CNE then .

The CNE Assessment Test diskette is not a multiuser program and therefore
cannot be run as shareable on a network. The CNE Assessment Test
diskette is not copy protected. You may copy the entire contents of the
diskette to a subdirectory on your hard drive; however, to begin the
program, you must be in the subdirectory.

Program Details

When the program begins, you will see two screens containing text on the
purpose of the program. Press any key to proceed past these screens.

You will then be asked to enter your first and last names and to confirm your
entries. This creates a data file for your scores on the tests you will
subsequently take. The program will then remember you and the scores on the
tests you have previously taken each time you use the program. These scores
may be printed at any time.

After entering your name you will see a Test List. At this menu you should
choose one of the tests.

After you make the test choice, you will see an Options Menu. You may choose
to take a test, see the reports on previous tests you have taken, or return to
the Test List.

Choosing Take a Test will produce a menu of sections within the test of
interest. You may select any of these sections to receive a subtest on this
material. The program will present from 6 to 20 questions dealing with this

Taking a Test

All of the questions in the CNE Assessment Test are multiple choice. When you
see a test question, you can choose an option by typing A, B, C, etc., or by
using the arrow keys to move the highlight bar. You may Skip a question if
you wish; however, the question will appear again at the end of the test. You
may also Cancel the test. Canceling the test will take you back to the
section menu without giving you a score for the test.

Test Scores and Prescriptions

When you have answered the questions, the program will save your score to your
data file and display the score for you. The score report tells you how many
questions you answered correctly out of the number that were presented. It
also displays the percent value of your score.

You can choose to Print your section score or See Prescriptions. If you
choose to see prescriptions a list of appropriate sections from Novell
Education Student Manuals, the Novell Product Red Manuals and the Novell CBT
products will be displayed. If you study the material outlined in the
prescriptions you will likely increase your score on that section when you
take the test again. You may Print these prescriptions along with your score
if you wish.

Copyright Message

The CNE Assessment Test diskette is a product of Novell, Inc. and can be
copied and distributed, but it is NOT to be distributed for resale.

Obtaining Study Materials

To obtain any of the source material outlined in the prescription or for any
additional training, please contact your local Novell Authorized Education
Center (NAEC). At each of our 400 NAECs you are assured of being taught by
Certified NetWare Instructors (CNIs), using Novell-developed material in
facilities approved by Novell.

Call (800) 233-EDUC for the NAEC nearest you.

Novell Education Information (800) 233-EDUC
CNE Program Information (800) 638-9273
Drake Training and Technologies Testing Information (800) 446-9554

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