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Printer Queue Manager for Novell Networks V1.1.
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Printer Queue Manager for Novell Networks V1.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
NETWARE.DRV 56800 24016 deflated
QM.EXE 70347 32980 deflated
QM.TXT 3828 1921 deflated
VNETWARE.386 10079 2310 deflated

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Contents of the QM.TXT file

QManager 1.1
Welcome to QManager!
QManager is the most powerful tool for managing Netware queues under
Windows 3...and also the cheapest.
It has an attractive 3D graphics which makes the look and feel a pleasure.

I don't like, as you can see, to write documentation. I make my best but I'm a
programmer not a writer. Please excuse me for this and feel free to contact me
for everything you need for running QM on you network. My Compuserver address
is: 73767,2111

Special thanks to:
Ulrich Strauss
Ken Billing (New Riders Publishing)
Mark A. Medici (Rutgers University)
John R. Link (I bought Norton Desktop just for testing QM...)

and to all the people who spent some of their time using QManager.

QManager features:
- Run in background
- Freely copy or move jobs from/to queues
- List jobs submitted by user or group
- Delete all jobs in one shot

and much more...

Installing QManager
The installation process is not easy. Follow the instructions very carefully:

1. Copy QM.EXE in a directory of your choice.

- Be sure to use the latest version of NETWARE.DRV and VNETWARE.386 files (they
are located in the directory named SYSTEM.
QM uses this drivers for making the Netware shell calls. For your convenience
I included the latest versions I have together with QManager.
Check the NDD forum (GO NDD) on Compuserve for the latest Netware and Windows

- If QM is running in background and you change the default file server, before
re-using QM click on the "Update Now" button. In many case this won't be
necessary because, based on the time interval, QM will update itself to the new
file server selected. However if you switch back to QM before the time interval
is expired you can get an error if you don't "Update Now".

- You don't get any improvements in lowering the time interval. Left the value
to 60 seconds, which in my opinion is the best choice.

- Completely rewritten the user interface
- Now QM check to see if the default file server is changed
- Now QM runs in Standard Mode
- Clean-up of the code
- Minor bugs fixed
- I made my best to check every potential error but the error explanation given
is not very good. It is my intention to rewrite a new error manager as soon as
I begin to receive some feedback from you.

About QManager
Microsoft C v6.0
Microsoft SDK
Whitewater Resource Toolkit
Brief 3.0
Netware C Interface v1.2
Multiscope Debugger for Windows

NOTE: I modified the Netware Libraries for make them usable under Windows 3.0

PC Environment:
AST Bravo 486/25
16Mb Ram
210 Mb HD
MS-DOS v3.30
Memory manager: QEMM 6.1
NIC: Exos 205, 3c503, NE2000
ODI Drivers
NW Shell v3.22, v3.01

File Servers:
NW386 v3.11
NW386 v3.10A
NW286 v2.2
NW286 v2.15c

I test QManager with the following:
MS-DOS v3.3
MS-DOS v5.0
DR-DOS v5.0, v6.0
Netware Workstation ODI (LSL,IPXODI)
IPX v3.01
IPX v3.02
NET3 v3.01
NETX v3.22
Print Server 1.21 (NLM)
Print Server 1.22 (NLM)
QEMM386 v5.11
QEMM386 v6.1
Norton Desktop for Windows
No special requirements for the WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI

Pay for what you get!
QManager is not Public Domain. You can try it and if you find it useful please
"Pay for what you get!".
After many nights I decided that the right contribute for QM is $20.
Simply put 20 bucks in an envelope and mail it to:

Giovanni De Giovanni
PR.ES. srl
Corso Susa 242
10098 Rivoli-Torino

After that, be sure, you earned your place in my heart and... in paradise.

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