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Network conference program. Allows several users to chat at once.
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Network conference program. Allows several users to chat at once.
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Contents of the CONFER.DOC file

IPX CONFerence Version 1.0

Author Bob Logan
PO 2084
Gastonia, NC 28053

I first coded this system from the example presented by W. David Schwaderer
in his book "C Programers Guide to NetBIOS". That book being devoted to
NetBIOS under PC-LAN, presented some problems for IPX. I have this code
running on both protocols. I used this as my first IPX coding exercise and
owe thanks to the NOVELL technical support staff.

This IPX version has more power and features than the NetBIOS versions. Due
mostly to my extra effort to learn more about IPX and the Netware C Interface.

At any rate CONFER allows you to start as many conferences as you wish all
at the same time on a NOVELL (IPX/SPX) network.

Actually you do not need a network...just workstations with IPX and a cable.

All conferences use the same IPX socket (4545) and are segerated by
conference name.

I considered providing private or password protection for secret or closed
conferences....but thought that making the conference name case-sensitive
would allow you to start conferences whose name is know only to those
particapating. If you think otherwise I like to here from you.


Simply provide users access to CONFER.EXE. Either in a public directory
or on their local disks.


Since IPX broadcast packets are used by Confer. There is no real trick
to starting a conference. Simply run Confer and if conference is not in
session it will be started for you.


CONFER ConferenceName [UserName]

ConferenceName is replaced with the conference name you wish to join.


UserName is optional and if not provided on command line the user login
name will be used. This allows you to use proper names with spaces
if you so desire.


Confer uses BROADCAST packets which means all workstations (including the
sending station) will display lines received. Upon startup you should
see the line:

MONITOR! => UserName has joined this conference...


If you do not see this message it means something is wrong with your
bottom three layers (ISO model) of your network. As you cannot send
or receive on the Network Card in your workstation.

Error Checking:

IPX.COM and NIC configurations do not match.
IPX REPORTS but a batch file without errorlevels would miss.
Cable fault or missing...You have to check.
IPX is not loaded...Confer reports this.
IPX socket table full...Confer reports this.
IPX socket in use already...Confer reports this.

It is possible to send and receive to your card but not to any other card.
This condition indicates a cable fault.


Simply press Escape and you will be disconnected from the conference,
and returned to the system.

There is no confirmation on quiting. If you pressed Escape by mistake
it is quite easy to restart/resume the conference.

Upon termination all remaining conference members will see:

MONITOR! => UserName has left this conference...

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