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Pronet 10 drivers for Novell 2.1.
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Pronet 10 drivers for Novell 2.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AP10DRV.OBJ 4463 2405 deflated
BP10DRV.OBJ 4463 2405 deflated
CP10DRV.OBJ 4463 2405 deflated
DP10DRV.OBJ 4463 2404 deflated
PRO10OS.LAN 1014 263 deflated
PRO10SH.LAN 131 99 deflated
PRO10SH.OBJ 8614 5085 deflated
READ.ME 668 355 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Enclosed are updated Netware v2.1 drivers for the Proteon
Pronet 10 boards. These drivers will work with the
standard Pronet 10 boards as well as the Micro Channel

The PRO10SH.LAN file must be copied to the SHGEN-1 diskette.
The PRO10OS.LAN file must be copied to the AUXGEN and BRGEN-1
diskettes. The remaining *.OBJ files need to be copied to the
LAN_DRV_002 diskette replacing the ?PNETDRV.OBJ and PRONETSH.OBJ

If you are using the Micro Channel Proteon board you should have
received the documentation for this board when you purchased it.
Novell does not currently have any documentation for the Pronet
10 Micro Channel board.

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