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Connection Manager for Windows to Netware.
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Connection Manager for Windows to Netware.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

GAGE Network Connection Manager version 0.95
Copyright GAGE Software 1991
Portions Copyright Microsoft Corporation

*** Shareware Notice ***
Thank you for trying the GAGE Network Connection Manager. This
is a ShareWare product. Please feel free to use this program for
a 15 day evaluation period. If you find it useful and would like
to continue using it, you will need to register by sending
$15.00 check or money order to:

Gage Software
P.O. Box 2594
Renton, WA 98056
Voice: (206)235-4813; CompuServe: 72760,3023

Your support is greatly appreciated and will lead to the
development of new products by Gage Software.

What's new in this version:

It was recently brought to our attention that "CONMAN" is the
registered trademark of Jason Data Services of El Toro,
California. Therefore, our product name has been changed to
"GAGE Network Connection Manager" or ConMgr for short.

A online help file is now included that is accessible
through the Help menu or by pressing F1.

An order form with pricing information has been included
in the order.wri file.


The intent of this product is to provide an easy way for Windows
users to access the features of their network without having to
go through the Windows File Manager and Control Panel.

The primary interface allows the user to easily make and break
network connections. This includes shared disk drives as well
as printers. It provides a list of the current connections and
allows a user to store frequently used network paths for
quick access. Secondarily, the interface provides access to the
extended features that are built into some Windows network


To use this product your network software must be loaded before
you start Windows. You must be running a Windows network driver
that supports the Microsoft Windows Network interface
specification (if it works with the File Manager and the Control
Panel, you're okay). You can run ConMgr from the Program Manager
by running it from the File/Run menu or by adding it to a group
and double clicking on its icon. Personally, I run it from the
Tools menu in Metz TaskManager (or the ThreadZ TaskManager if
you've upgraded). ConMgr will not load if your network is not
running. If this is the case, exit Windows and start your
network software. The first time you run ConMgr you will be
greeted by a shareware notice message, read it and click OK to run
ConMgr. Your current network connections will be displayed on
the right in the list box labeled "Current:". If have no
connections the list will be empty. See the online help for
how to connecting and disconnecting network resources.

Bug/incomplete List:


Bug Fixes List:

Fixed in v0.92

1) The "Add" button did not work correctly in v0.91.

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