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BBS-type mail system, public domain with Pascal source.
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BBS-type mail system, public domain with Pascal source.
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Contents of the README file

I am releasing NetMail source into the public domain in
hopes that someone else may be able to benefit from the
code. I am simply too bogged down with my "real job" to
maintain the code. The name of the source code file is

I originally wrote NetMail to combat the exorbitant price
of PCBoard E-Mail systems by those who held a monopoly on
them at the time. I think most Sysops will recall having
to pay literally hundreds of dollars for their e-mail
systems in the "early days". NetMail has never sold for
more than $40 for the entire system, and was completely
shareware. I think most will also recall the sudden and
dramatic drop in prices by those other systems down to
about $40 as well. If nothing else, this has given me the
most gratification.

Along the way, the MetroNet E-Mail system was organized to
combat those e-mail systems which sought to impose
restrictions, rules and other impositions on what should
always have been a non- restrictive system. I am proud
that NetMail was able to assist in the creation of such a
network. It is my hope that someone else will be able to
use this source code to further the concept of open e-mail

The number of people who have supported NetMail through
the years is too great to list here. I hope that the
release of NetMail source in some way says "thanks".

Mark Findlay

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