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DUMPUSER will create an ASCII file from one server in the MAKEUSER format which can then be moved to another file server to add all the users at one time.
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DUMPUSER will create an ASCII file from one server in the MAKEUSER format which can then be moved to another file server to add all the users at one time.
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Contents of the DUMPUSER.DOC file

Version 1.1

David J. Sherman
Automated Business Solutions, INC.
2103 Burlington, Suite 200
Columbia, MO 65202
(314) 474-1089
CompuServe ID : 75360, 152

DUMPUSER Description -

DUMPUSER was written to fill a void some of our clients had when bringing up a
new Netware file server or replacing one. Once the new file server is up, it
falls upon the SUPERVISOR to start the tedious task of adding the users from
the old server to the new one. Fortunately, Novell provides a nice utility to
create users en masse (i.e. MAKEUSER), but unfortunately no way to dump the
user information from the old file server. Well, DUMPUSER now fills that
void. DUMPUSER will create an ASCII file in the MAKEUSER format which can
then be moved to the new file server to add all the users at one time.
An additional benefit is that when adding new users later, DUMPUSER can
be used to create a MAKEUSER model of an existing user.

DUMPUSER utilizes most of the MAKEUSER keywords for adding a new user
including the password restrictions (#PASSWORD_UNIQUE, #PASSWORD_REQUIRED,
...) as well as the #GROUPS and #STATIONS keywords. The keywords #DELETE,

DUMPUSER Execution -

DUMPUSER is command-line driven program and execution is fairly straight-
forward. The syntax is :

DUMPUSER "output file name" "user mask" [/T]

The "output file name" is the file where DUMPUSER will write the DUMPUSER
statements. Note that if the file already exists, it will be overwritten.
Paths and logical drives are okay.

The "user mask" is the mask of users to be dumped. Standard Novell wildcards
are supported. For example, a single asterisk ("*") will dump all users in
the bindery. As well, "AS*" will dump all users who begin with "AS". See the
Program Examples section for other uses.

The "/T" parameter is used to create the trustee assignments on the MAKEUSER
#CREATE keyword. Normally DUMPUSER will not create the trustee assignments to
prevent creating unused trustee assignments when creating users on a new file
server. If trustee assignments are created, DUMPUSER will not create the
specifications for the users \MAIL subdirectory as these will generally (if
not always) be different for the new file server.

Note the following restrictions -

1. DUMPUSER can only be executed by the SUPERVISOR.
2. The user specifications created will be for the current default
file server only.

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DUMPUSER Examples -

This example will create a file named NEWSERV.USR in the current directory for
all users on the default file server.

This example will create a file named NEWSERV.USR on logical drive L: for all
users on the default file server whose name begins with a 'DEP'.

This example will create a file named MODEL.USR on logical drive M: for all
users on the default file server whose name begins with a 'T', the second
character is ignored and the third character is 'S'. The rest of the user
name can be anything. In addition, all trustee assignments for the users are

DUMPUSER Miscellaneous Information -

1. For security reasons, DUMPUSER will not output the password on the #CREATE
keyword. It is replaced by '?????'. To add the passwords for each user, the
MAKEUSER file should be edited the correct passwords entered. Alternately,
the users could initially be created with a password of '?????' and then the
SYSCON utility can be used to change the passwords.

2. The "Account Restriction" of preventing a user from changing their
password is not supported by MAKEUSER. Consequently, if that facility is
needed then the users profile should be updated with SYSCON after MAKEUSER has
be executed.

3. When looking at the MAKEUSER file created by DUMPUSER, you may notice the
low limit specified on the #ACCOUNTING keyword might be -2147483648. This
number is the lowest possible balance and account may have and is an
indication to Netware that the user has "Unlimited Credit".

DUMPUSER Error Messages -

1. "Requires at least Netware 2.10a."
2. "Not enough memory for execution."
DUMPUSER could not obtain enough memory for execution.
3. "Only the SUPERVISOR may use this utility."
DUMPUSER may only be executed by the SUPERVISOR.
4. "Not logged in to any network."
You are not currently logged into any file server. Login and try
5. "File cannot be opened."
The output file you specified cannot be opened for output. The file
may already be present and marked as read-only. Don't forget to check
the search path.
6. "...Press any key to continue..."
DUMPUSER has filled up the screen. Press any key to continue with

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Development/Testing -

DUMPUSER was developed using Microsoft QuickC version 2.01 and the C Interface
for DOS from Novell. It has been tested under ELS Netware v. 2.12 and SFT
Advanced Netware. The MAKEUSER tested was version 1.02c.

Commercial Message -

DUMPUSER is being distributed as Shareware. If you find you are using it,
please send us $10.00. It is not an unreasonable amount for the time it can
save you. In addition, registered users can receive information regarding
other software which we have and are developing. Some other products which we
have developed and are in various stages of development are

- Menu driven program to allow logging in/attaching/logging out of
file servers which are currently available.
- TSR to automatically log out after a specified period of
keyboard inactivity.
- Menu driven conference system, which allows users on a network
to engage in a chat type environment.
- A command-line driven utility to manage print queues. Will also
run interactively.
- Set of utilities to display or print information for users and

Please send check or money order to :

Automated Business Solutions, INC.
2103 Burlington, Suite 200
Columbia, MO 65202

Any questions, comments, inquires or bugs (heaven forbid) can be sent to the
above address or sent to me on CompuServe, User 75360,152.

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Warranty/Copyright/License -

This documentation and the executable program DUMPUSER.EXE (software) are
copyrighted by Automated Business Solutions, Inc. The copyright owner
hereby licenses you to :
a) Use the software
b) Make backup copies of the software and/or documemtation
c) Give copies to anyone (shareware) as long as the software is
unaltered and this documentation accompanies the software

You are prohibited from
a) Charging for distribution of the software and/or documentation
b) Including any portion of the software and/or documentation in other
commercial products

There is no warranty of any kind and Automated Business Solutions and it's
employees are not liable for damages of any kind. The individual using this
software bears all risk as to the performance of the software.

Copyrights -

Netware, SFT and Novell are trademarks of Novell, Inc.
Microsoft, MS-DOS and Quick_C are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
CompuServ is the trademark of CompuServ Incorporated.
MAKEUSER, SYSCON are the copyrighted software of Novell, Inc.
DUMPUSER is the copyrighted software of Automated Business Solutions, Inc.

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