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NDIS and Netware Packet drivers can coexist.
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NDIS and Netware Packet drivers can coexist.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

The files included in this file are a collection of files from various
places on CompuServe which will allow Novell IPX to co-exist with NDIS drivers
and protocols including TCP/IP drivers, DEC Pathworks, software wanting a
packet driver such as NCSA Telnet, and others. If this solution works for you,
it is very CHEAP, that is free since these are all public domain. I collected
these files together since a lot of people ask about doing this, but the files
are not together making it difficult to realize that they work together very

Note that this method uses a packet driver -> NDIS converter. This means
that software requiring a packet driver will also work. I have tried this with
NCSA Telnet.

The following files are included:

DISPKT.ZIP Contains packet driver -> NDIS converter
DIS_PKT.DOS Driver unzipped from DISPKT.ZIP
PDSHELL.ZIP Contains files to build packet driver IPX
IPXPKT.COM IPX.COM build for a packet driver

1. You must have an NDIS driver for your network card as well as
Microsoft's PROTMAN.SYS and NETBIND.EXE which is included with most
commercial NDIS compliant products.
2. You must configure the server and IPX at the stations to use
ETHERNET_II packets. This is described some in PDSHELL.ZIP although it
is a little out of date. If you have Netware 3.1x, you can do this by
loading the network card driver on the server with a parameter of
FRAME=ETHERNET_II. It is important to remember that anyone using IPX
(other than the one included) must be changed by using the ECONFIG
3. I am assuming that you have installed an NDIS driver already for use by
another product will describe the changes needed to add the Novell IPX

Here's a diagram of the drivers on your PC:

------ --------------------
IPXPKT Other (Telnet maybe)
------ --------------------
| |
----------- ------------- -------------
DIS_PKT.DOS NDIS Client 1 NDIS Client 2
----------- ------------- -------------
| | |
NDIS Driver

Below is a list of items required in CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, and





We are using this solution to integrate Novell, Pathworks, HP NS, and Telnet
applications on the PC. The other solutions we saw either require a reboot
at the PC to switch or cost several hundred dollars per PC. I can try to help
if you are having trouble with this, but I am certainly not a guru yet.

Tony Wyland

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