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QMAIL works with MHS and SMFSEAL to create a very quick SMF compatible mail file. Can be run from a batch file.
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QMAIL works with MHS and SMFSEAL to create a very quick SMF compatible mail file. Can be run from a batch file.
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Contents of the QMAIL.DOC file

<<<< QMAIL >>>>
Quick Mail Utility
Version 1.40
CopyRight(C) 1990

Have you ever had a need to quickly send someone a file or message or
have a batch file send you a message to verify it is working? You
could probably do it with whatever mail system you happen to use
but most likely, it would not be very convenient. QMAIL is a command
line mail utility designed to do exactly this.

QMAIL works with MHS and SMFSEAL to create a very quick SMF compatible
mail file. It is very straight forward and can be used in many ways.
It was designed primarily to allow me to link some of my own quick
programs and batch files to the mail system and help automate some
networking tasks (such as a pop-up request formsystem).

Using QMAIL:
Qmail has been tested with MHS version 1.2. Earlier versions may or
may not be compatible.

I recomend putting QMAIL.EXE in your MHS\EXE directory where everyone
should already have a path set to.

QMAIL creates a temporary text file for SMFSEAL so be sure you have the
appropriate file access to create and delete this file.

The utility has a variety of parameters to make it as flexable as possible.
The only requirement to use QMAIL is a SUBJECT, MESSAGE, or ATTACHMENT
(otherwise QMAIL would have nothing to send). If you do not specify a
TO parameter QMAIL will prompt you. QMAIL is compatible with NetWare 3.0
and below, and it will be able to determine your username and use it as
the FROM in the mail. If it cannot determine this name, it should
prompt for this as well (this would be true for non-NetWare users).

SMFSEAL is a utility provided by Action Technology and it is required to
use QMAIL. QMAIL will look for this program in the path, and, if it does
not find it, return an error message.

To use QMAIL, enter QMAIL [options] from the command line.

specifies the recipient of the mail. You may specify a hub using either
the DaVinci routing syntax (HUB:USER) or MHS' syntax (USER @ HUB). If
using MHS routing syntax, quotations are required.
specifies the attached file.
is the short message you wish to send.
specifies a text file to use for the message instead of -M.
is the subject of the message.
specifies the path for the DaVinci compatible public routing and
group list. QMAIL will search the DaVinci lists for the appropriate
routings and hub names. When working with groups, it will send the
mail to the first user in the group and CC it to all others. If a user
in a group has duplicate routings in the public list, QMAIL will use the
prefered hub as the route (see -H) or error if -H is not specified.
specifies the preferred hub to send to if a duplicate username is found
in the DaVinci routing or group lists.
Return receipt request. This will signal the receiving application to
send the sender a message to verify the mail has been read.
QMail will, by default, issue a variety of status messages as it
processes mail. This switch will turn off all of these messages.
When testing mail, this switch will inhibit the call to SMFSEAL and allow
you to examine the QMAIL file created when QMail is run.
As per popular request, this switch will allow you to add a "FROM" name
to the message. -$NETWORK will send mail from the NETWORK user.

These parameters may be specified in any order and in any case. Quotations
are shown around the parameters that require them.

QMAIL -TJoe -S"Hey Joe" -M"Did you get my mail"
This would send mail to a user JOE with the subject and message as shown.

This would send Joe MYFILE.TXT as an attachment.

This is the same as above only specifying a hub to send to as well

Same as above.

This is the same as above except it will pull the hubname from the
routing lists.

This will send joe the message in MESS.TXT

There is no registration or fee for using QMAIL!! I bet it's been a long
time since you've seen an absolutely free program. Well here it is.
Qmail was developed as an aid to network administration. Future versions
may entail a fee of some sort, but for now, I hope to just make the life
of a Supervisor a bit easier.

If you wish to comment about QMAIL or suggest new features, please
feel free to call me or send me mail at:

HUB:TECHINC ID:71170,424

New utilities for MHS are in the works. If you would like to be notified
of these as they become available, send me a comment on our HUB and I'll
leave you mail when they are completed.

"MHS" and "SMFSEAL" are copyrighted programs from Action Technology
"DaVinci" is copyrighted by DaVinci Systems Corporation
"Netware" is copyrighted by Novell Inc.

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