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TSR that allows you to switch between Print Queues under Novell.
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TSR that allows you to switch between Print Queues under Novell.
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Print Queue Switcher
for Novell 2.1x


QSWITCH is a "POP-UP" memory resident program which allows you
to switch between Novell 2.1x Print Queues even in the middle
of a running program. With QSWITCH installed you no longer have
to exit from the current program and run CAPTURE or ENDCAP to
redirect printer output to another printer or release a Queue
for printing. Pressing 3 Keys together pops up a simple menu
from which you select the name of the Queue you want your
printer output to go to.


Novell NETWARE 2.10 or higher on the Server.

IBM or IBM Compatible PC,XT,AT, or 386 Workstation.

Named Print Queues setup for the Server's Spooled Printers.


QSWITCH is a Terminate and Stay Resident program. When you
at the command line prompt, it loads itself into
RAM memory, displays a short message and returns to the command
line prompt. QSWITCH is now resident in memory and is activated
by holding down the and keys and tapping the

System Supervisor:
A user of QSWITCH must have a minimum of Search rights in the
SYS:SYSTEM directory in order to determine the Queue names.
Please set the User Trustee assignments accordingly. Normally
if the user can already use CAPTURE to Queue print jobs, he
will have sufficient rights.

Also the LOGIN scrip should start a CAPTURE to a default
printer with the default printer flags you want to use.
For example: "#CAPTURE Q=LASER NB NFF TI=30". QSWITCH will use
the last CAPTURE command values when switching to another

Do not load QSWITCH from a Login Script. Since it becomes resident
it will leave a hole in memory where LOGIN was when LOGIN exits.

The best place to load is as part of the AUTOEXEC.BAT at boot time.

QSWITCH may be loaded either before or after the Novell IPX.COM and
NETx.COM programs. If however you want to remove QSWITCH from
memory at some later time it should be run last.

QSWITCH should be run only once. If you run it a second time
the message "QSWITCH already installed." will be displayed and
no further action will be taken.

QSWITCH may be Un-Installed also. To remove QSWITCH from memory
and release the memory it uses, simply
type: "QSWITCH -"
If it is safe to remove QSWITCH from memory, (no other RAM
resident programs loaded after it) a message that QSWITCH has
been removed will be displayed. If it is not safe a message to
that effect is displayed and QSWITCH remains active. Removing
QSWITCH from memory does not affect the then active state of
the Print Queues.


To activate QSWITCH once it is installed, hold down the
and and tap the key. A menu will "Pop-Up"
on the screen.

If the Netware shell is loaded and the User is properly logged
in to the network, the menu will display the names of the
available Print Queues. Simply use the Up and Down Arrow keys
to move to the Queue you want and press .

Alternately if the first Letter of the Queue's name is Unique
simply press the first letter and the Queue will be selected.
The Menu will disappear and the new Print Queue will be active.
You also have the choice of "End Capture" which closes the
present Queue and returns print output to the Local printer

The Menu may be moved around the screen by using the Right and
Left Arrow keys to move right and left, and the PageUp and
PageDown keys to move Up and Down.


If you pop-up QSWITCH and the workstation shell is not loaded
or the Network is not connected you will get a message:
"Exit - No Network" as the only choice on the menu.

If you are not logged in to the Network or do not have Rights
to the Queues, the message "No Queues Found" will be displayed
on the Menu.


At present QSWITCH is only available for single Server
Networks. On multi server networks QSWITCH will work but not
necessarily on the server you want. When this problem is
resolved, upgrades will be available to Registered users.

QSWITCH will Pop-Up properly on MONO, CGA, EGA, and VGA cards
in 80 column and 132 column text modes. It will not work over
graphic programs or graphic interfaces such as Windows.

On CGA,EGA, and VGA cards when used with a Monochrome monitor,
you should run MODE BW80 to force the black and white attribute
set so that the menu has maximum readability.


This program is Copyrighted and all rights are Reserved.

It is however a Shareware program. This means that it may be
copied and given to friends freely as long as all of the
documentation is included with the program.

If, after trying the program you find it useful your obligation
is to Register as a User.

To Register as a User send $25.00 to:

Arnold Bailey
8 Buckingham Mews
Middletown, NY 10940

Compuserve ID 72020,136

Registered users will receive the latest version of QSWITCH and
will be notified of improvements and revisions.

Please be fair about this. If you find you are using QSWITCH
regularly then please support the effort that went into
creating it. Otherwise such projects cannot continue.


Version 1.0 March 1, 1989
Initial Shareware Release.

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