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Disk sharing via null cable at 11k baud. Ideal laptop-desktop transfer.
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Disk sharing via null cable at 11k baud. Ideal laptop-desktop transfer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AC.SYS 568 499 deflated
ADDCOM.DOC 2957 1193 deflated
CONFIG.M 17 17 stored
CONFIG.S 19 19 stored
DIAGNOSE.DOC 2456 1089 deflated
LISTER.BAS 626 335 deflated
NET00000.SYS 247 213 deflated
PM.SYS 2155 1232 deflated
PS.COM 2626 1438 deflated
RCV.BAS 671 370 deflated
RCV.COM 1835 1003 deflated
README 4319 1053 deflated
TMT.BAS 984 508 deflated
TMT.COM 1338 899 deflated
WEAKLINK.DOC 19137 5625 deflated

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Contents of the README file

The WEAK Link 6/9/87

Files on this disk:

Registered version: Shareware version:

WEAKLINK DOC .... Documentation for The WEAK Link yes
PM ASM .... Source for master .
PS ASM .... Source for slave .
NET00000 ASM .... Source for device driver needed by slave .
CONFIG S .... Config.sys for slave yes
CONFIG M .... Config.sys for master yes
PM SYS .... Master yes
PS COM .... Slave yes
NET00000 SYS .... Needed by slave yes
M BAT .... Batch to assemble PM.ASM .
S BAT .... Batch to assemble PS.ASM .
N BAT .... Batch to assemble NET00000.ASM .
TMT BAS .... BASICA program for other media bootstrap yes
RCV BAS .... BASICA program for other media bootstrap yes
PM OBJ .... Results of M.BAT .
PM EXE .... " .
PS OBJ .... Results of S.BAT .
PS EXE .... " .
NET00000 OBJ .... Results of N.BAT .
NET00000 EXE .... " .
LISTER BAS .... May be used to list source & doc files yes
README .... This file yes

Directory of \DIAGNOSE

TMT ASM .... Transmitter source for diagnostics .
RCV ASM .... Receiver source for diagnostics .
T BAT .... Batch to assemble TMT.ASM .
R BAT .... Batch to assemble RCV.ASM .
TMT OBJ .... Results of T.BAT .
TMT EXE .... " .
TMT COM .... Transmitter diagnostics yes
RCV OBJ .... Results of R.BAT .
RCV EXE .... " .
RCV COM .... Receiver diagnostics yes
DIAGNOSE DOC .... Documentation for diagnostics testing yes

Directory of \ADDCOM

AC ASM .... Source for adding non-standard COM ports .
AC OBJ .... Results of A.BAT .
AC EXE .... " .
AC SYS .... File for CONFIG.SYS yes
A BAT .... Batch to assemble AC.ASM .
CONFIG M2 .... Configuration example .
ADDCOM DOC .... Documentation for adding non-standard COM ports yes


LISTER.BAS is a program which can be used to list the documentation
files. It was written for a Star Gemini 10x. The control codes may have to be
changed for your printer. The program puts the printer in a 96 column mode and
tabs each line over 15 spaces. This is for punching holes in the left margin.
LISTER reads and prints lines up to a ";page" which form feeds. ";off" will
turn off printing, ";on" will resume printing again. Remember that these
control strings must begin in column 1.

Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed.

Don Jindra, Owner
Information Modes
P.O. Drawer F.
Denton, Texas 76202

Ph. 817-387-3339, anytime

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