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The first thing to understand about the new SHGEN is that you don't need it.
If you copy the IPX.OBJ found in the DSWIN1.ZIP file to your current directory
structure (into the SHGEN-2 subdirectory) and regen your ipx, it will work
fine. If you wish to use the new SHGEN program, you can do one of the

1. Copy all the files in DSWIN2.ZIP to a floppy diskette.
Label the diskette SHGEN-1.
Place diskette in A: or B: and make that drive current.
You will have a valid IPX.COM when you are done.

2. Create this directory structure on your hard disk or network drive:

Contents of DSWIN2.ZIP



2. DO download all 4 of the .ZIP files. The utilities are have been upgraded
to work with SHOW DOTS=ON and MAP ROOT.

3. DO NOT copy the BINDFIX.EXE if you are running on NetWare 386 v.3.0.

4. Copy the utilities in DSWIN3.ZIP and DSWIN4.ZIP to your public directory.
If you wish to have the old utilities on you system, you could create
a subdirectory off public such as \PUBLIC\WINUTIL and place the new
utilities there. Using IF THEN statements in you login script, you could
map the certain users there depending on username, group belonged to, etc.

5. Remember to Login and Capture BEFORE you go into Windows.

6. If you have comspec problems, replace the SET COMSPEC command in your
login script with COMSPEC (just delete the SET).

7. If you have problems with getting Windows Enhanced mode to come up,
check to see:

a) if you are REALLY running the 3.01 ipx and shell (use IPX i and
NET3 i).
b) if your interface card is running on Interrupt 2 or 9. If so,
change the cards interrupt (and re-gen ipx) OR run the install
program found in DSWIN4.ZIP.
c) if your interface card is using the D000 base memory address. If
so, change the cards base memory address (and re-gen ipx) OR exclude
this area from Windows by using the EMMExclude parameter in your
SYSTEM.INI file. See the "Networks and Windows" section in your
Windows documentation.

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