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UGRAPH displays a graphic representation of the current Novell server's CPU utilization over a 30 second period.
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UGRAPH displays a graphic representation of the current Novell server’s CPU utilization over a 30 second period.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Scott Hansen
DBNet Software Solutions.
15553 207th PL SE
Renton, WA 98059


This document and the program UGRAPH.EXE are copyrighted by the author.
The copyright owner hereby licenses you to: use the software; make as many
copies of the program and documentation as you wish; give such copies to
anyone; and redistribute the software and documentation via electronic
means. There is no charge for any of the above. By using this free
software you agree to:

1) Distribute copies of these utilities freely provided that the programs
are not altered in any way, you do not collect a fee for the programs
and the complete README file is always included.

2) The utilities are provided 'as-is' with no warranties of any kind, either
expressed or implied. The Author/Distributor is not liable for any
damages resulting from the use of these programs.

This is a sample of a LAN Management package I am currently developing, so
watch for the complete application soon.

This has been tested and used with DOS 3.xx and Novell's
Advanced/SFT Netware 286 V2.1x. The author claims no responsibility
for the use of said utility.


Usage: UGRAPH.EXE [delay_factor_in_seconds]

This program displays a graphic representation of the current
server's CPU utilization. This is ALL the program does. It
displays the percentage from 0-100 for the past 30 seconds
(default delay) in a bar graph form in real-time.

The default delay factor is 1 second, but values such as .5 or
1.5 can be used.

To exit press .

NOTE: To operate you MUST have Console Operator Rights.

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