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Windows utility. Broadcast messages on a Novell network.
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Windows utility. Broadcast messages on a Novell network.
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Contents of the WSEND.TXT file

WINDOWS SEND Version 1.1
by GDG Systems.Release Date: November 9, 1990
Author: Steve Goulet


Windows Send is a utility program designed to send broadcast messages
to users or groups across a Netware LAN. It basically provides the
same functionality as the DOS based SEND command provided by Novell
Netware, except that it is designed to work under Microsoft Windows


All that is required to run WINDOWS SEND is that you must be running
Windows 3.0 or above and that you have a Novell Netware based LAN
running Netware 2.1 or above.


Installation of WINDOWS SEND is very straightforward. The executable
program copied WSEND.EXE must be somewhere in the DOS Path or in the
current directory. To run the program, go to the 'File Run' option in
the Program Manager menu and type WSEND.EXE in the dialog box.

You may decide to have WSEND.EXE executed automatically everytime you
start windows.To do this, edit your WIN.INI file and append the text
'WSEND.EXE' to the end of the line. If you wish you can also add the
WSEND.EXE icon to one of your program groups.

Consult your DOS and WINDOWS manual for further details.

NOTE: If you are running WINDOWS on your Netware LAN, to receive
broadcast messages, you must have the Netware drivers for WINDOWS
properly installed and you must have NWPOPUP.EXE specified on the load
line in your WIN.INI file.


When WINDOWS SEND is loaded, it scans the network for all logged in
users and all groups. These names go into a list box that from which
you can select the target of your message. The text of the message
that you wish to send is to type into the first edit field on the

Once you have entered your message and you wish to send it, press the
SEND button. If you wish to close the WINDOWS SEND application, select
the CLOSE button. It is assumed however, that most users will open
WINDOWS SEND and leave it as an icon throughout their windows session.
Because of this and the fact that other users may log into or log out
of the network, the user/group combo list box may become out of date.
If you wish to update your list, press the REFRESH LISTS button. We
could have made rereading the list automatic but on some slower
networks the delay in reading the user list can be as much as 15

The other list box on the window shows you the servers that you are
currently attached to.If you wish to send a message to a user who is
logged into another network that your network is bridged to, you must
attach to that network (consult you network administrator for
details). When Windows Send is loaded or the REFRESH LISTS buttons is
hit these attached networks are scanned and added to the list box.
When you select a new attached network to send messages to the
userlist list box is automatically read and updated with users from
that network.


WINDOWS SEND Version 1.1 is currently being marketed as shareware.
Subsequent versions may NOT be available as shareware.To obtain a
registered copy and a valid registration number of WINDOWS SEND please
send $10.00 in US funds plus $2.00 for shipping and handling to.

GDG Systems
4451 PH Mathieu.
Lachenaie Qc
J6W 5L6

Please make cheques or money orders payable to GDG Systems. GDG Systems
phone number is (514) 597-9755.

Steve Goulet can also be contacted via Compuserve at 72421,2733.

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