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Pegasus Mail DOS version freeware E-Mail package for use with Novell 2.X and 3.X networks. Has gateways to Novell MHS and SMTP.
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Pegasus Mail DOS version freeware E-Mail package for use with Novell 2.X and 3.X networks. Has gateways to Novell MHS and SMTP.
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Contents of the NMAIL.DOC file

Stavanger, October 1993.

** NMAIL.EXE version 1.21 **

Pegasus Mail [ (c) David Harris ] is an excellent mail system
for Novell NetWare. It provides great flexibility and tight
integration with Netware which makes it a number one choice in my

NMAIL is a small utility that can replace the original NEWMAIL program
that is included with Pegasus Mail and will give you more freedom
as to the format you want newmail information displayed.

NMAIL can be run from the SYSTEM LOGIN SCRIPT which is mainly where
you would use the many switches to customize the output of NMAIL.
This includes both running NMAIL using the #NMAIL way, or activating it
using a batchfile and the EXIT statement.

NMAIL can also be used at the dos prompt to see from whom you received
mail and what the subject of their message is. You can then decide if you
want to run PMAIL to read your message or wait until a later stage.

It is a bit difficult / cumbersome to remember all the switches if you run
it from DOS - so make yourself a batchfile or be satisfied with the
default configuration. The whole point of using NMAIL is that because it is
so fast, you need not start PMAIL for every message you receive. Spending
time typing switches could better be used to start PMAIL and read your

Usage is as follow :

The alternative NEWMAIL 1.21 for Pegasus Mail, (C) 1992,1993 Laski

-f : write no From
-d : write no Date
-s : write no Subject
-l : List attachments
-p : Pause when the output finishes with new messages
-a : pause when the output finishes Anyhow
-b : Break screen pages
-q : don't play those *!#@_&& sounds (Quiet mode)
-n : i don't like that fancy stuff, behave Normal
-o : Only make sound if newmail, no screen output
-h : Hide away, no mail -> no output
[This option will always display the xxx New mail messages
under normal circumstances]
-c : newmail information for Current server only
-r : don't print Read & kept newmail from the newmail folder
-g : George's tabular output (columnwise output)
-e : don't print a hEader
-t : display number of newmail messages on Top
-z : don't clear screen at startup
-? : gives you this list

(Options may be specified using either '/' or '-')
Please send all comments to [email protected]

NMAIL will parse newmail information in the Pegasus style, it
supports MHS headers, and it is supposed to work in a multi server
environment reading newmail information from all attached servers.

NMAIL is totally free (not share-ware, no restrictions).

Changes since V1.1
o Displays more messages per page by not writing
message number on a seperate line.
o Fixed bug that caused a delay when parsing through large email messages.
o Added tabular output (-g option) which displays up to 24 lines per page.
o Added don't print read & kept newmail from the newmail folder (-r option).
o Added don't print header (-e option).
o Added "(Q)uit, (C)ontinous or any other key for paged format" display when
using -b option.
o Fixed several small bugs.
o Added display number of newmail messages on Top

Changes since V1.2
o Added dont's clear screen at startup (-z option)
o Removed SPX check.

Friendly comments and suggestions are welcome.

Lars-Kaare Skjoerestad
Rogaland University Centre
P.B. 2557, Ullandhaug

Tel : +47 4 874220
Fax : +47 4 874300

e-mail: [email protected]

Special thanks to George Whitehead, University of Stellenbosch, S.A.

#include <_flame_filter.h>

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