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Selects best network shell for Novell, between XMS, EMS, or regular memory shell.

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Select best network shell for Novell

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Selects best network shell for Novell, between XMS, EMS, or regular memory shell.
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Contents of the BESTNET.DOC file

Computer Tyme BestNet * Version 1.62 * Release Date: 11-28-92
Copyright 1990-92 by Marc Perkel * All Rights Reserved

Computer Tyme * 411 North Sherman, Suite 300 * Springfield Mo. 65802
Voice: 417-866-1222 * Modem: 417-866-1665 * Fax: 417-866-0135 * USA

This program is part of a utilities package. Before registering it
you might want to try out some of the other programs in the package.

You can download these other programs from our BBS at 417-866-1665 or
from our section on Compuserve. (GO COMPTYME) If you have any questions
feel free to call us.

Evaluation Version. This program is not registered.
If you want to use it you need to buy a copy.

Price: $95/Server, $995/Unlimited

This program sets an environment variable NET to the best network shell

based on the dos version and the presence of either EMS or XMS memory.
You can then load the net shell by putting %NET% in your batch file.
If both EMS and XMS are available, EMS is selected.

Usage: BESTNET (/I/X/L)
BESTNET > NUL ;This stops BestNet from writing to the screen.

/I Ignore XMS and EMS Shells.
/X Selects XMS over EMS where both exist.
/L Includes command to load shell high.

BestNet also sets an environment variable NETD that contains the
drive letter of the first network drive. This also can be used in
a batch file to switch to the network drive and log in.

A batch file to login might look like this:

%NET% ;might contain EMSNETX.EXE
%NETD% ;might contain F:


Make Check Computer Tyme Order Form
Payable To: 411 North Sherman Suite 300
Springfield Mo. 65802 USA

Voice: (417) 866-1222 * Sales: (800) 548-5353
Fax: (417) 866-0135 * BBS: (417) 866-1665
Compuserve: 71333,427 * GO COMPTYME


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==> BestNet * Version 1.62 * Release Date: 11-28-92

==> Price: $95/Server, $995/Unlimited

Dos ToolBox: $59.95/User __ MarxMenu: $59.95/User __

Network Survival Kit: (Inc. ToolBox/MarxMenu) $495/Server __

Shipping: Ground: $3 __ 2nd Day: $6 __

1 Day: $15 __ Foreign: $15 __

Credit Card Number: _______________ Expiration Date: ________

Signature: __________________________________________________

Master Card: __ Visa: __ Discover: __

* We do not take American Express *


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