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SMC/Ethernet Dianogtics Program. Checks out card.
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SMC/Ethernet Dianogtics Program. Checks out card.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
$RUN.OVL 2460 1389 deflated
CPYRIGHT.DOC 521 271 deflated
DIAGHLP.HLP 9607 3451 deflated
DIAGNOSE.EXE 155565 60092 deflated
RELEASE.DOC 3769 1516 deflated
SYS$ERR.DAT 3119 1242 deflated
SYS$HELP.DAT 3728 1253 deflated
SYS$MSG.DAT 12639 3711 deflated
USER.DOC 16358 5528 deflated

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Contents of the CPYRIGHT.DOC file

Standard Microsystems drivers are tested and certified to operate on
Standard Microsystems (formerly Western Digital) network interface cards
only! Using Standard Microsystems drivers with other manufacturer's
cards claiming Standard Microsystems or Western Digital compatiblity may
produce unpredictable results and is a violation of copyright laws.

Copyright Standard Microsystems Corporation 1992.
All Rights Reserved

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