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Version 4.01 April 24, 1992


-- Version 4.01 -- (Current Version)

Bug fixes:
Fixed command line mode not finding 8013WP/A and 8013 EP/A

-- Version 4.00 --

Bug fixes:

8013EW Link Integrity Test option in Set Configuration listed
three options, the third being blank or garbage data.

Locked up on some machines during RAM test in Basic Adapter Test
when RAM base was below D000.

Other revisions:

Changed Western Digital messages to Standard Microsystems

-- Version 3.01 --

Bug fixes:

8013EP/A and WP/A adapters would not be recognized if the
IO base address was above 7800h.

Added features:

Added support for 8013EWC, 8013WC, and 8013EPC.

Added Link Integrity enable/disable option in Set Configuration
menu for 8013W, and 8013EW.

Added Network Connection option in Set Configuration menu for
8013EPC, 8013WC, and 8013EWC.

Added Link Integrity and Polarity Status in Basic Adapter Test,
Initiate Test Messages and Respond to Test Messages menus for
8013EWC and 8013WC.

-- Version 3.00

Adds support for 8013EP/A and 8013WP/A adapters.

-- Version 2.01 --

The code has been optimized and the result is a much smaller
executable. The functionality and user interface remain the same.
Some code changes have been added to support the WD83C690 Ethernet
controller device.

-- Version 2.00 --

Adds support for the 8003EP adapter. Adds support for the 16 bit
software configurable AT adapter (8013EW). Discontinues support
for the Intelligent (8023E) adapter. As well, this version fixes
some bugs found in version 1.12.

-- Version 1.12 --

Version 1.12 fixes all bugs known to be in version 1.11.
This release supports the first revision of the WD83C690
Ethernet controller device as well.

-- Version 1.11 --

Version 1.11 supports Twisted Pair adapters on both AT
and Micro Channel busses.
This version also has fixes for all bugs reported in
version 1.10.
This includes IRQ=10 from the command line using an

Problems: 1) 8013EBT in an 8-bit slot has problems
2) after selecting 'Set Configuration' from the
Main Menu, Help (F1 Key) does not work
3) PS/2 Models 30 and 55 SX have problems
properly identifying the adapters

-- Version 1.10 --

Version 1.10 supports the 8013EBT. In addition, it provides
support for use with batch files. This version also has
fixes for all bugs reported in version 1.00.

A problem exists with fast Micro Channel bus systems with
clock speeds over 16 MHz. Diagnose will not be able to
properly identify adapters in those machines.
Also, 8003WT will have some bugs with this revision.

-- Version 1.00 --

This is the first version of this program. Certain errors have
been encountered using the command line parameters. When using
the /SLOT: parameter option on Micro Channel bus systems the
Diagnostic Program will not always detect the adapter properly.
Continued use of the Diagnostic Program with menu operation will
produce accurate results.

Licensed by Standard Microsystems for use by its customers only.

Standard Microsystems is a registered trademark of Standard
Microsystems Corporation. Other trademarks mentioned herein
belong to their respective companies.

(C) Copyright 1991 Standard Microsystems Corporation.
All rights reserved.

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