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Phantom of the Console. Allows network administrators to schedule any Valid Netware Console command to be executed at a specific date and time.
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Phantom of the Console. Allows network administrators to schedule any Valid Netware Console command to be executed at a specific date and time.
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Contents of the MANUAL.DOC file

The Phantom Of The Console

Version 1.58
System Documentation

(C) Copyright 1992, ZhofWare
All Rights Reserved.

ZhofWare P.O. Box 37 East Bernard Tx 77435 (409) 335-6262


As more and more systems are emerging as client server
based applications, and our fileservers run countless
numbers of NLMs, we sometimes find the need to load and
unload NLMs, or mount volumes, or even broadcast a
console message, at strange times during the day or night.

The Phantom Of The Console, is a utility that will schedule
any VALID Netware console command or .NCF file to be executed
at the date / time that you specify.

The system is implemented in two parts:

1) An NLM that runs on the file server
2) A Console Job Scheduler that is executed from
any workstation.

Let's take a look at how to install The Phantom Of The Console.....

Quick Path Setup Example

Install following the install instructions
Define Console Jobs using The Phantom Console Scheduler
load the PHANTOM NLM on your file server


To install the Phantom Of The Console, you should be logged
in to the file server as a user with supervisory equivalence.

Copy the following files from the ZIP file or diskette to the
sys:system directory:


After these files have been copied, run the installation program,
PINSTALL. This program will create the necessary queue and rights
for the Phantom Console Server To Use.

Using the Phantom Console Scheduler To Define Console Jobs

Using The Phantom Console Scheduler To Define Console Jobs

The Phantom Console Scheduler is the tool by which network
administrators will create Console Jobs, for The Phantom
Of The Console to execute.

To schedule jobs, enter the command PSCHED at the SYS:SYSTEM
directory. At first glance, you will notice that the scheduler
uses a standard C-Worthy interface that network administrators will
already be familiar with. The main screen presents a list of
all defined Console Jobs. The following keys are defined to
create and manage Console Jobs.

- Add new job
- Delete existing job
- Modify existing job
- Context Sensative Help

ADDING Console Jobs

To add a new job to the list, press the key. You
will be prompted to enter a description the Console Job.
This description is for your reference only.

Next, you will be prompted for the Console Command.
In the command field you may enter any VALID NETWARE 3.x
Console command, including the name of a .NCF File to

After entering the console command, you will be prompted for
the job type. The two supported job types are listed below:

DAILY JOB - Jobs that execute everyday at a specific
time. After execution they are automatically
rescheduled by The Phantom Of The Console.

ONE TIME EXECUTION - Jobs that are executed once and then automatically
purged from the job queue.

Once you have determined the job type, you will be prompted
for the job date and the job time. These fields are what
triggers the Phantom Of The Console to execute the job.

Once all questions have been answered, hit the key. The
Phantom Console Scheduler will prompt for confirmation of submitting the
job for service. After the job is submitted, it will appear in the
list of jobs.


To Modify a console job, highlight the job in the list and press
the key. The same form that was used in the add console
job screen will appear. Change the information and press the
key to save the changes.


To delete a console job, highlight the job in the list and press
the key. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

EXITING The File Server Console Job Scheduler

Pressing the key from the main screen will prompt
you for confirmation of exit.

The Phantom NetWare Loadable Module

Once you have defined events using The Phantom Console Scheduler,
go to the fileserver console and load the PHANTOM.NLM. Each time
PHANTOM is loaded, it displays a status screen, that informs how
many jobs are in the queue and how many servers are attached to
the queue.

After the PHANTOM is loaded, sit back relax and let the server do
the work for you. YES it's that easy.

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