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Artisoft tech notes on using Lantastic with MS-DOS 6.2.
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Artisoft tech notes on using Lantastic with MS-DOS 6.2.
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LANtastic Network Operating System Compatibility Bulletin
Updated: 03.30.94
MS-DOS v6.2 by Microsoft
Classification: Operating Systems
Engineer: MGM

Compatibility Statement:
MS-DOS version 6.2 is compatible with LANtastic versions 4.xx, 5.xx
and 6.xx.

Product Overview:
MS-DOS 6.2, the newest revision of Microsoft's DOS operating system,
includes many new features and enhancements. In general, those
features may be used with LANtastic, see the Compatibility Notes
section below for any limitations.

Product Installation Notes:
The LANtastic SERVER.EXE program should not be running at the time
that you run the MS-DOS 6.2 SETUP program to install MS-DOS. If it is,
you will receive the error: "Setup cannot identify your hard disk's
startup partition, and therefore cannot install MS-DOS on your hard
disk. Press ENTER to exit Setup, and then contact your computer vendor
for assistance." If you see this message, you must remove the SERVER
program from memory by either rebooting or using the '/REMOVE' option
of the SERVER command. Microsoft also instructs you to remove any disk
caching programs, delete-protection utilities, or Anti-virus programs.
Therefore, if you are using the LANtastic LANCache disk-caching
utility, you must also remove it from memory before running SETUP. See
your LANtastic manuals for more information on removing SERVER and
LANCache from memory; see the MS-DOS 6.2 User's Guide for further
instructions on preparing your computer for MS-DOS 6.2 installation.
Additional information about setting up MS-DOS 6.2 with LANtastic is
available in the NETWORKS.TXT file that ships with the MS-DOS upgrade.

Product Execution Notes:

MS-DOS 6.2 includes a revised EMM386.EXE that can make more upper
memory blocks (UMBs) available for loading drivers and terminate-stay-
resident programs (TSRs), freeing more conventional memory for DOS
programs. You can use DOS's LOADHIGH (LH) command to load any
LANtastic TSRs into UMBs. When you configure UMBs on a PC that is
using an Artisoft Enhanced 2Mbps adapter, an SMC/WD 8003 series
adapter, or another manufacturer's adapter that uses an upper memory
address, make sure to use EMM386's '/X' switch to exclude the
adapter's memory from being used by EMM386. See the MS-DOS 6.2
Resource Kit for more information on EMM386.EXE switches.

A new feature of MS-DOS 6.2 is the SCANFIX utility. This utility
verifies the integrity of your hard disk hardware before installing
DoubleSpace. This will prevent data loss that could occur previously
when using DoubleSpace on unreliable hard disk hardware or disks with
hard errors.

An improved feature in MS-DOS 6.2 that is designed for use with
EMM386.EXE is MemMaker, a memory optimization utility. MemMaker can be
used to find the optimum configuration for your computer's drivers and
TSRs, maximizing the amount of conventional memory available to
programs. You can use MemMaker to optimize memory for PCs running
LANtastic, with one precaution: MemMaker has to reboot your machine in
order to determine the best configuration. Therefore, on PCs that are
LANtastic servers (e.g. PCs running the SERVER command in the
STARTNET.BAT or AUTOEXEC.BAT file), be sure that no users are logged
in at the time you run MemMaker. Otherwise, files that those users
have opened may be damaged by the reboot.

Another improved feature is DoubleSpace, a powerful disk compression
utility that is integrated into MS-DOS 6.2. DoubleSpaced drives can be
used on a LANtastic workstation or server, but you cannot do the
initial setup of DoubleSpace while the LANtastic SERVER or LANCache
programs are loaded. For best results, reboot your computer and bring
it up without any LANtastic TSRs loaded before setting up DoubleSpace
drives. Once DoubleSpace is set up, you may re-load the LAN software
and use it normally. In addition, LANCache version 3.0, which ships
with LANtastic v5.0, may be used to cache DoubleSpaced drives. See the
MS-DOS 6.2 NETWORKS.TXT file for more information about using
DoubleSpace and LANtastic together.

MS-DOS 6.2 includes a BACKUP utility which is also compatible with
LANtastic. You can use it to back up your local or network drives to
diskettes, another local drive, or another network drive.

Compatibility Notes:

NOTE: See the MS-DOS 6.2 NETWORKS.TXT file for more information on
some of the following topics.

1) Once DoubleSpace has been set up, the host drive(s) and the
compressed drive(s) do not show up correctly in the 'Disk Drives
and Printers' section of the LANtastic NET program. A
DoubleSpaced C: drive will be displayed in NET as "physical"
rather than compressed, and host drives and other drives that
should be "Available for DoubleSpace" do not appear on NET's
drive list at all. This limitation does not affect the
functionality of DoubleSpace or NET and you can still redirect
drives and printers normally.

2) The UNDELETE utility, for both DOS and Windows, will only
function in the "Delete Sentry" mode if a PC is running the
LANtastic SERVER program. Additionally, files on a server's local
hard drive may only be undeleted with the DOS UNDELETE command
and not with the Windows Undelete utiltity. UNDELETE tracking may
be used in any of its modes if the PC is set up as a workstation
only (running the REDIR program, but not SERVER). If you want to
track deletions on network drives from any PC running LANtastic,
you must use UNDELETE in Delete Sentry mode.

3) The MS-DOS 6.2 UNFORMAT command cannot be used on a hard disk if
SERVER is loaded. It may be used on floppy disk drives if the
"Floppy Direct" parameter is set to "Enabled" in the NET_MGR
"Server Startup Parameters."

4) The new MS-DOS DEFRAG disk defragmenting command may not be used
when SERVER is running. To run DEFRAG, remove server from memory
or reboot the PC without loading the LAN software. LANCache
should also be removed from memory or disabled before you run

5) The SMARTDRV disk caching utility may be used with LANtastic, but
do not run LANCache and SMARTDRV at the same time.

6) Microsoft's Anti-Virus utility MSAV cannot be used to scan for
virii if the LANtastic SERVER program is loaded. Remove server
from memory or reboot your PC without loading SERVER in order for
MSAV to run correctly.

Version History:
03/04/94: MS DOS v6.2 was tested for compatibility with NOS v4.xx and 5.xx.
03/15/94: MS DOS v6.2 was tested for compatibility with NOS v6.xx.

Vendor Information:
Microsoft, Inc.
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399
Phone: 206/882-8080

ARTISOFT, Inc. makes no warranties as to the completeness or accuracy
of this document. LANtastic is a trademark of ARTISOFT, Inc. Brand
names, company names, and product names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective companies.

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