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PopCapt provides a simple user interface to Novell's print capture functions.
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PopCapt provides a simple user interface to Novell’s print capture functions.
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Contents of the POPCAPT.TXT file

PopCapt - Print capture utility for Novell Netware

Wallace M. Wilhoite
1117 Estates Court
Stockbridge, GA 30281
CIS 72050,2760


User printing, while simple for the LAN Administrator, can be a
quite complex task for end users. The Capture command provided
by Novell allows users to change print selections, however it
requires them to enter a very long command line to complete even
the slightest change. Printcon also provided by Novell offers no
real relief as users often become "lost" in this utility.

PopCapt provides a simple user interface to the print capture
functions. In test cases, users with no previous knowledge of
how the Capture command works were able to change print options
with minimal training. After one use of the program all were
able to select the desired print destination and/or revise other
capture options.

One other common print problem is the limitation of most
applications select and print to network printers. Programs such
as Word Perfect handle this task quite well while others don't
even bother to address the network printing issue. With most
networks having many printer types this lack of support becomes a
daily source of misdirected printing.

How many times have you been in the middle of one program and
found out your printer selection is not correct? If this has
happened to you then you will definitely be able to use the TSR
version of PopCapt. With the TSR version you will be able to
change print queues and other capture options when it is
convenient to you.

PopCapt - Program operation

Starting PopCapt:

At the DOS prompt enter the command, PCTSR followed by
pressing the enter key. If you are connected to a Novell network
the PopCapt status screen will display your current print
options. Should you try to run this when not connected to a
Novell network an error code will be displayed and you will be
returned to the DOS prompt.

Once the program is loaded all PopCapt options are selected by
one of the following function key assignments:

F1 - This option will display a description of all options

F2 - This option will display a list (if any) network print
queues. You can use the arrow keys, Home, End, Page Up
and Page Down to move around the list of queues. Press
the enter key to select the highlighted print queue. Hit
ESCape to exit this function without selecting or
changing print queues.

F3 - Ends print capture to network to allow local printing.

F4 - Allows editing of capture options. Use the arrow keys
or enter key to move to the desired capture option. Over
type the existing entry to change. Press ESCape to exit
the edit function. Edit & print queue options do not
become permanent until the F10 key is pressed to save and
exit PopCapt.

F5 - Allows changing LPT assignments.

F6 - Displays selection box of currently attached file servers
and allows user to select file server from list.

F10 - Saves changes and allows exit of PopCapt.

ESC - Ends PopCapt program without making changes.

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