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Locks keyboard and waits for Netware password.
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Locks keyboard and waits for Netware password.
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Contents of the KEYLOCK.DOC file

KEYLOCK: Locks keyboard and waits for NetWare password
ver 0.10 - (c) BCMI 1991

***FREEWARE*** you may copy and share this program as long as no money is
involved (except for media and shipping expenses)

KEYLOCK locks-up your computer when you are logged on a NetWare
file server. To unlock it you have to enter your NetWare password (the
same password you entered at login time).

If DESQview is running, KEYLOCK disables the DESQview menu, but
background operation continues.

Franois Bergeon
3 rue des Sports
27380 Charleval FRANCE
CIS: 73377,3170

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