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Workstation Configuration Management Solution for Novell Networks.
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Workstation Configuration Management Solution for Novell Networks.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DISCL.DOC 1034 334 deflated
ESCHED.EXE 138350 61184 deflated
ESCHED.HLP 4579 1287 deflated
EVENTS.EXE 23807 12764 deflated
FLIB.EXE 114895 51973 deflated
FLIB.HLP 2675 936 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 1957 607 deflated
SYS$ERR.DTA 3118 1136 deflated
SYS$HELP.DTA 3722 1254 deflated
SYS$MSG.DTA 12468 3638 deflated
WCM.DOC 16651 4249 deflated
WCMINST.EXE 25843 13406 deflated
WSCHED.EXE 135578 59671 deflated
WSCHED.HLP 4871 1393 deflated
WUPDATE.EXE 33618 16765 deflated

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Contents of the DISCL.DOC file

Disclaimer Of Waranty

The Workstation Configuration Management system is provided as is
and carries no warranty whatsoever. ZhofWare disclaims and
excludes any and all implied warranties of merchantability, title
and fitness for a particular purpose. ZhofWare does not warrant
that the software will satisfy your requirements or that the
software is without defect or error or that operation of the
software will be uninterrupted. You are using the software at
your own risk.

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