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Netcomm is TSR program that allows simple message sending and receipt across a NETBIOS network.
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Netcomm is TSR program that allows simple message sending and receipt across a NETBIOS network.
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Contents of the NETCOMM.DOC file


Copyright 1989, James R. Vanator. All rights reserved.

Compuserve: 75410,507
Release Date: 6/19/89

Starting with this release, NetComm has become a share-ware
product. This means that if you like the program and use it,
then you pay for it. A limited license is granted for the use of
NetComm for 30 days starting from the time you first receive
Netcomm in any form whatsoever. I have put many hours of my time
into writing this program and while I enjoy seeing people benefit
from my labor, I also expect to be compensated for my time and
effort. So, the meaning of all of this is: After a 30 day
evaluation period, you have two options, register your copy of
NetComm for $20.00 and receive a single-cpu license or destroy
all copies of NetComm in your possesion.

To register send your name, address, number of copies of
NetComm installed on your site and $20.00 for each copy to:

James R. Vanator
1440 N. Lake Shore Drive #16C
Chicago, IL 60610

Site licensing available, please contact me with your
questions at the above address.

Netcomm is Terminate-and-Stay-Resident program that allow
simple message sending and receipt across a NETBIOS network.
Netcomm allows two types of messages to be sent, global and
private. A global message that is sent will be received by
everybody on the network that has Netcomm loaded and message
receipt enabled. A private message is sent with a explicit
destination. This TSR requires about 21 K-Bytes of memory to

In version 1.2, a companion TSR program was added to
NetComm. Logname is a program that runs on a network workstation
and is responsible for keeping track of who is currently running
NetComm on their workstations. By selecting the new "Get Current
User Names" option from the Netcomm menu, a list of current users
will be displayed on your screen. Names are displayed ten (10)
at a time until all the names are displayed. The list is updated
every two (2) minutes.

To load Netcomm, issue the following command at the C:


where is a character string 15 characters or less
that will be used to identify that specific station on the
network. (ie. netcomm fred)

When Netcomm is loaded, message receipt is enabled. To
access Netcomm, type ALT-N. This will pop-up the menu screen.
On the menu screen are six (6) options, which are selected by
pressing the letter indicated on the Screen.

G - Send Global Message
This option allow the sending of a global message to
everyone on the network that has Netcomm loaded.

P - Send Private Message
This option lets you specify a name as the destination of
the message. If the name specified cannot be found on the
network, Netcomm will beep and display a note on the screen
telling you that the name could not be found. This name is the
same as the name entered on the command line when the destination
workstation loaded Netcomm.

D - Disable Message Receipt
This option disable receipt of messages. This will keep the
message window from poping up when a message is received.

E - Enable Message Receipt
This option re-enables message receipt after it has been

U - Unload Netcomm
This option will remove Netcomm from memory as soon as it is

N - Get Current User Names
This option list the names of current users of NetComm on
your Network.

Logname must be installed on a Network workstation that will not
have NetComm installed. I realized this is a pain in the *ss, but in
this release there is no choice. I am working on a solution that will
allow both NetComm and Logname to co-exist on the same machine. Logname
is installed simply by typing "logname" at the C: prompt. There are
no command line parameters.

Please direct any questions or comments to:

James R. Vanator
1440 N. Lake Shore Dr. #16C
Chicago, IL 60610

Phone: (312) 915-1121
Compuserve: 75410,507

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