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Password Expiration Checker. (Novell).
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Password Expiration Checker. (Novell).
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Don Williams

CIS 72271,3154

PW_DAYS.EXE is CopyRight (c) 1989 by Donald C. Williams. All Rights
Reserved. This program may be freely distributed provided no charge
beyond normal connect charges is made. This program is without
warranties of any kind either expressed or implied. You as the user of
this program accept all risks associated with said use.

This program checks the current user's password expiration date and
comares it to the system date. If the user's password is due to expire
within 10 days a 'Password will expire in NN days' message is
displayed. A command line switch adds an optional beep.

Run pw_days.exe from the command line with one optional parameter, /B,
which tells the program to beep when printing the password expiration

Turbo Pascal version 5.0 source code is provided for the user's

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