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This is a Windows utility that "listens" for incoming MS-Mail messages and alerts the user when a message arrives.
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This is a Windows utility that “listens” for incoming MS-Mail messages and alerts the user when a message arrives.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Larry Waller
DLW Consulting, Inc.
(516) 569-4559
Compuserve - 76307,1627

Mail Watcher 3.0 is now shareware.
Pricing will be determined on final release of 3.0

A preliminary pricing structure will be as follows:

Copies Price per Copy
------ --------------
First 1-9 $10.00
Next 1-99 8.00
Next 1-399 5.00

The Site License fee will be $3,499.00

This is the first beta release of the 3.0 version.
It will only be work until August 31, 1993.
I will try to update this version as much as possible.



Copy MAILWTCH.EXE to any directory
(I advise that you use your MSMAIL directory)

Copy MAPI.VBX and CMDIALOG.VBX to your SYSTEM directory

You are also required to have VBRUN200.DLL in your system directory.



Version 3.0

Asks the user to locate MSMAIL.EXE if the MAILWTCH can not find it.

MailWatcher comes on top of other applications when new mail is received.

Command Line Switches:
/F Forces user to login

/Dnn Creates a delay when program loads
This feature is important because the login screen can
get hidden behind other windows during startup.
You must use two numbers.

Example: MAILWTCH /D05

This provides a 5 second delay before the login screen is displayed.


Eliminates FILE NOT FOUND error when trying to launch MSMAIL

Sometimes when MSMAIL was started, the MailWatcher application would pop up on top
of all other applications and force MSMail to the back window position.

Version 2.0
This is the first public release of this product.
It was developed out of a need to keep a notify
program running so users don't accidentally close
mail and not get notified of new mail until the
following morning.

Version 1.0
Never released but used during training sessions for
people moving from cc:Mail to Microsoft Mail


If you have any questions please send me mail to me
on compuserve 76307,1627. I will try to respond to
any questions or suggestions.

I would also like feedback on the pricing structure
and other features you would like to see.

Thank You,
Larry Waller

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