System Diagnostics for your computer

DIAGS Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
1STDFNSE.ZIP18540Mar 6 1990Hard Disk Password Program for IBM and Compatibles.
20A07.ZIP32604Aug 1 1992Symantec/Norton's Virus Definition File for 8/92.
30A11.ZIP120990Sep 1 1994Norton Anti-Virus DEF for Sept 1994 (NAV-3.0).
386BUG.ZIP7333Jun 5 1987386-multiply bug test.
386BUGS2.ZIP3884Mar 9 1991Check your 386 chip. Further info on PUSHAD/POPAD bug (ref with experimental analysis of exactly what is going wrong.
386DRY.ZIP111191Jan 31 1991Dhrystone benchmark that runs in DOS 386/486 protected mode.
386POPAD.ZIP1448Oct 31 1990Checks to see if your 386 chips have a possible bug.
386TEST.ZIP191136Jan 16 1992Burn In Test for 386 and above systems.
3DBENCH.ZIP60271Sep 7 1990VGA benchmark, featuring a fantastic rotating 3-D presentation.
486SLO.ZIP1282Oct 5 1991Disable cache on 486 CPU.
486T61.ZIP45214Jul 29 1992486Test v6.1, System Analysis of a 80486. Performs an intensive, diagnostic test on motherboards and system components. All of the system's resources are tested including the Bios, CPU, NDP, cache, RAM, extended memory an
4SP100.ZIP71826Sep 19 19934_Speed v1.0 - Hard drive Data Transfer Rate Test utility.
8087TEST.ZIP10749Apr 18 1986Test 8087 chip under load.
ADJ.ZIP11220Aug 15 1991Displays cross-hatch and dots - VGA only. Can be used to adjust convergence on color monitors (i.e. the big levers on the back of the picture tube).
ALERT10.ZIP52532Mar 16 1994Combination of "burglar alarm" and screen saver. Flashes intruder warning on the screen while producing phone-dialing and klaxon sounds through the speaker. Requires 286 or better & VGA.
ALERT13.ZIP62076Aug 19 1988VIRUS protection program (free to US govt).
ALIGN.ZIP29968Apr 10 1987Align Floppy Disk drives.
ALLPRO20.ZIP3020Mar 5 1992Memory resident program to protect read only files from viruses. Very small.
AMIBIOS.ZIP15148May 10 1992Text file describing the details behind the advanced setup of the AMI BIOS.
AMISE260.ZIP297062Mar 21 1994AMIsetup is an external setup program for 386/486 PCs with modern AMI BIOS (AMI Hi-Flex BIOS).
AMISPD2.ZIP2597Aug 25 1990Speed Adjustment programs for AMI Mark III Motherboards.
ANSIT100.ZIP45260May 1 1992Benchmark to determine speed of ANSI driver.
ANTIBODY.ZIP66334May 24 1989THE ANTIBODY TEST diagnoses computer virus infections, & can detect actions by other malicious software & intruders as well.
ASQ200.ZIP250227Oct 28 1991Memory Management Tutorial And System Analyzer from Qualitas.
ATBENCH.ZIP79055Jan 23 1987AT Benchmarks from PC Tech Journal.
ATCFGR.ZIP11731Oct 19 1989AT-Configurator, view your AT or PS/2 configuration.
ATDIAG.ZIP9691Jun 30 1985Diags for IBM AT.
ATIM.ZIP4932Dec 28 1986Timer for the AT.
ATPERF.ZIP31033Apr 15 1988New Benchmark from PC Mag. Now has 386 support.
ATSETUP2.ZIP8465Aug 9 1989Generic AT setup routine. Works with most AT compatible's.
AUTOSN31.ZIP36147May 7 1991A simple and easy way to check for viruses in ZIP files.
AWARDSST.ZIP31040Oct 19 1987Processing tester from AWARD software. Donated by AWARD.
AZBENCH1.ZIP5768Apr 4 1989Benchmarks of: ARC,LHARC,PAK,PKZIP,ZOO.
BBENCH21.ZIP49907Aug 30 1990Byte's latest benchmarks tester. Includes CPU, disk, and video tests.
BDATE.ZIP7123Aug 1 1989Display systems Bios date, and includes C source code.
BENCH70A.ZIP248876Nov 5 1992PC MAG Benchmarks V7.0. File 1 of 3. New version now sports a GUI, machine comparison database, etc.
BENCH70B.ZIP255441Nov 5 1992PC MAG Benchmarks V7.0. File 2 of 3. New version now sports a GUI, machine comparison database, etc.
BENCH70C.ZIP228033Nov 5 1992PC MAG Benchmarks V7.0. File 3 of 3. New version now sports a GUI, machine comparison database, etc.
BIOS32X.ZIP123301Sep 9 1991A huge database of BIOS signatures. Compare yours, and if it is not in the database, you can send it in for the next release.
BIOSUTIL.ZIP45693Feb 3 1990Biosutil dumps your bios to a file, permits changes and reburns EPROMS.
BNCHMARK.ZIP14605Feb 23 1987Find the speed of your particular unit.
BOMBSQAD.ZIP4125Jan 20 1986Check for bombs.
BOOTDUMP.ZIP2161Apr 4 1987Displays boot track information in a human-readable format.
BOOTSEC.ZIP7964Jun 25 1986Display boot sector listing and information, C source included.
BRIK.ZIP20465Aug 2 1989Calculates 32 bit file crc's.
BRINF126.ZIP45483Jan 11 1992Saves FAT, boot sector, CMOS, configuration files for hard disk restoration.
BURN-IN.ZIP50211Dec 27 1988Gives your PC a nice work-out so you can detect failures befor waranty e.
BURNIN45.ZIP98827Jun 28 1992BURNIN v4.5 will check out and burn-in your computer equipment.
CANARY.ZIP78795Jan 30 1991Virus protection program - Canary Yellow.
CATCHMTE.ZIP26798Jul 5 1992CatchMtE 1.0 is an algorithmic scanner that detects Mutation Engine-based viruses. It is copyrighted, freeware for non-commercial use.
CDSPEED.ZIP70568Jul 10 1994Test performance of a CDRom drive, controller & driver.
CENV.ZIP10691Nov 7 1985CENV provides various configuration information about your system.
CHECKIRQ.ZIP10653Feb 18 1992Test computer for installed serial ports, add those found to BIOS area. This one correctly reports all IRQs used.
CHEKDATE.ZIP12725Jun 9 1987Check dates to see if battery is good.
CHIPS.ZIP9737Jan 1 1988Tests system microprocessor.
CHIPS18B.ZIP9335Jun 16 1990Direct hardware tests for CPU, NDP, ACE, mouse, etc. inside box.
CHK4BOMB.ZIP8495Jan 3 1986Check For Trojans.
CHKCOP.ZIP7512Feb 24 1989INTEL's Math Coprocessor Diagnostics XT/AT/386DX & SX.
CHKMDM92.ZIP34090Mar 14 1992Utility program to find which port has a modem attached. Scans COM1-4 and reports if modem responds to CD and DTR changes at 300-57600 Baud. Includes BASIC PDS 7 source.
CHKMEM11.ZIP14733Sep 12 1990Check your memory size available. Basic and TP source code included.
CHKUP35.ZIP83640Jun 14 1989Check Up V3.5 by Levin. Virus detection system.
CK-AT.ZIP1599Oct 1 1986Check an AT's extended memory, very good..
CKCOMIRQ.ZIP2793Jan 10 1993Checks standard and non standard irq assignments.
CKOT20.ZIP57255Feb 24 1993Check out files within archives for viruses using SCAN. Can also convert to other archive types.
CLEAN117.ZIP277281Jul 15 1994CLEAN-UP Virus Remover version 117. Removes viruses from MS-DOS based computers from McAfee.
CLEAN4.ZIP9034Oct 21 2001Floppy drive head cleaning utility for 5.25 & 3.50 drives. Moves head over cleaning disk. DIR command simply positions head over fixed position. Non-destructive.
CLF152.ZIP23959Dec 10 1992CLEANFL is a utility that makes the task of cleaning floppy drive heads much easier and more thorough.
CLOCKFIX.ZIP4092Jun 18 1990Fixes some common problems with the CMOS clock on older AT's.
CLUSTRCK.ZIP14401Nov 13 1989Cluster Track - Does a nice job of mapping clusters.
CMOS.ZIP2594May 20 1987Save AT CMOS configuration to a file.
CMOS103.ZIP1334Sep 10 1988Save and restore your system CMOS settings (286/386 machines only).
CMOS14.ZIP5714Jul 25 1992Copies CMOS information to hard disk or floppy.
CMOSER11.ZIP27273Jul 29 1989An improved setup program for 286/386 systems.
CMOSFIX3.ZIP57491Feb 25 1993Create a CMOS emergency disk. Save your CMOS data for easy retrival if you lose your setup information. Will operate on 286 and up.
CMOSRM.ZIP29028Aug 2 1988Read the cmos ram of an AT in a handy table format.
CM_.ZIP2160Apr 22 1988Update DOS date/time from CMOS and vice versa - by Keith Graham.
CNFLICT.ZIP11030Aug 1 1989Helps determine where conflicts may exist between TSR programs.
CNVRGE.ZIP32330Mar 17 1993Convergence checker for Monitors SVGA.
COMMCHEK.ZIP17624May 17 1990Command Check 1.03 - check COMMAND.COMM byte for byte against another copy saved as another name somewhere else on your hard drive for viruses - use in your AUTOEXEC.
COMTAP21.ZIP128906Apr 26 1993COMTAP v2.1 ASP - Software serial communications line monitor and debugger. Microsecond timestamp resolution.
COMTEST.ZIP6851Feb 20 1989Tests serial port to see if it is an active port.
COMTEST2.ZIP15228Mar 31 1990Test COM Port. Detect UART type, and then perform comprehensive testing of that particular UART. C Source (but critical .H file missing).
CONCURE.ZIP35000Jul 26 1989Test your systems capability to multi-task. Free program from OmniView, an excellent multi-tasking enviroment for DOS.
CONF715E.ZIP97994Mar 27 1994PC-CONFIG V7.15e - Detects all the hardware in your PC and shows it on the screen.
CORE292.ZIP32405Apr 23 1990HD Speed Tester. Latest version, 2.92.
CPAV.ZIP210781Mar 2 1992Central Point Anti Virus Special Edition. This software is purported by Central Point to locate only the Michelangelo and Friday the 13th Viruses and no others.
CPU-TEST.ZIP15087Oct 15 1993CPU speed test with ASM source code.
CPU2.ZIP4872Jan 15 1987CPU speed checker that includes ASM source code. Very simple.
CPU24_11.ZIP35512Jun 22 1991CPU burn-in tester.
CPUID.ZIP1279Sep 19 1985Identify the CPU of your personal computer.
CPUID593.ZIP12992Jul 1 1991Identifies system CPU, includes assembly source.
CPUID95.ZIP24881Feb 17 1995Checkout your CPU.
CPUINF11.ZIP16334Jan 2 1995Identifies cpu type, tests for some bugs.
CPUTEST.ZIP7709Jun 22 1989A VERY ACCURATE cpu benchmark, shows mhz, waits, MIPS, etc.
CPUTIMER.ZIP4872Mar 10 1986Good CPU timer.
CRC16X.ZIP8829Dec 10 1988CRC16 - calculate and display CRC checksum for file(s). Includes complete C source code.
CSIP.ZIP3009Dec 28 1991A small TSR that continuosly displays the CS, IP, SS, and SP registers in the corner of the screen. Good for debugging.
CSP610.ZIP75690May 31 1994Corspeed is an excellent program that gives you a windows bench speed analysis for all functions of your computer.
CSVS.ZIP38987Apr 26 1987PC Clone compatibility Tests.
CSYS11.ZIP29993Mar 17 1993View system configuration files (CONFIG, AUTO, & 4DOS if present); save report file containing copies of all configuration files; shell out to your editor to edit any of the files.
CT50A.ZIP60254Jun 18 1993Cache Test V5.0A. Nice program that tests drive's access speed. Used to evaluate different cache programs or their parameters.
CTEST259.ZIP144360Jun 13 1993COMPTEST is a program that determines the system configuration and performance characteristics of PC compatible computers.
CTSETUP1.ZIP11336Jan 5 1990Chips & Technologies extended setup for 20-25mhz 386's. Improper use can cause a failure to boot.
CTSSPU13.ZIP104416Feb 18 1994CTS Serial Port Utilities v1.3. Test, fix & control comm ports.
CV100.ZIP14721Jan 1 1991CoreView is a small but fast memory viewer. With help of CoreView you may look through the memory of your computer. CoreView also has facilities for searching memory for specific strings or BIOS extensions.
CV101.ZIP14868Apr 6 1991Coreview - See inside RAM anywhere. An import from Denmark.
CVTTRC.ZIP12746Feb 6 1988Program to display internal DOS tables, incl. memory block chain, device driver chain, logical drive chain. Incl. C src.
DBLPC100.ZIP43752Apr 5 1992Dead Bolt Loc. Version 1.00. Dead Bolt is very easy to use password protection system, so powerful with many advanced features.
DBUG.ZIP12433Jan 20 1986Debug disk files.
DDARP120.ZIP8260Jun 28 1992DDARP is a program that can display the installed device drivers in memory and/or rename a driver in memory.
DELOUSE.ZIP14747Feb 28 1988Detects introduction of virus into system.
DETECT.ZIP20034Oct 5 1988Detect any changes in files for virus's.
DETECTC.ZIP7807Feb 6 1993Reports installed modem(s) using COM1-COM4 on PCs.
DEVICE20.ZIP7029Sep 3 1988Lists all device drivers that are presently loaded in memory.
DIAG.ZIP37006Apr 14 1986Run Diags For your System.
DIAGDEMO.ZIP314312Oct 28 1994Functional but limited version of the AMI diagnostics program. Sort of like CheckIt. Downloaded from the AMI BBS.
DISKSPIN.ZIP13947Jun 9 1993Disk cleaning program - save your cleaning disks.
DISKTIME.ZIP11504Jan 23 1986Check speed of your floppies.
DLCHK12.ZIP5818Mar 18 1991DL Check version 1.2 - automates scanning of downloads for viruses.
DMASLO.ZIP12035Dec 11 1988Use for slowing down PC by accessing DMA. Includes complete C source code, that is useful for understanding DMA transfers.
DMV.ZIP4233Apr 22 1986Dynamic memory viewer.
DOSCN3.ZIP23151Feb 16 1994Allows use of McAfee's SCAN to look into ZIP files.
DOSTRA.ZIP9466Oct 16 1990Dostrace is a TSR Utility that will allow you to trace and display the DOS operating system calls your program is making.
DPROTECT.ZIP3056Aug 18 1986DPROTECT may be used to write protect one or more floppy disk drives and all fixed disk drives from unauthorized disk writing.
DRYST.ZIP112800Feb 8 1991A new version of the Drystone performance benchmark series for 386/486's. Runs in protected mode.
DRYSTN.ZIP22753Jul 2 1987Compute the number of Dhrystones for your computer and compare to a number of others including the CRAY-YMP. Includes C source.
DS11.ZIP26005May 2 1990Software DataScope serial data analyzer. Excellent.
DUGIDE10.ZIP11364Jan 13 1993DUG_IDE : Provides IDE disk info on both drives in the system. Includes C source code.
DUMP11.ZIP17208Nov 26 1988Version 1.1 of excellent Hex Dump program.
DUMPEM.ZIP18218Apr 22 1988DUMPEM is a utility which allows you to display and edit conventional, expanded and extended memory.
DWHET.ZIP275248Apr 2 199316 and 32 bit Whetstone FORTRAN benchmarks.
EATRAM.ZIP2923Mar 3 1988Test how much memory is required by a program. Good for DesqView.
EFREE12.ZIP10433Feb 5 1991Show amount of free and used environment space.
EMMTEST.ZIP8120Oct 21 1987Device driver that tests EMS and EEMS memory at bootup.
EMMVERS.ZIP1153Dec 29 1987Determines what version LIM driver you are using.
EMRGENCY.ZIP79210Mar 10 1992EMERGENCY=BOOT=DISK>> Computer emergency recovery system. Description / Utilities needed. Some nice suggestions.
EMSINFO2.ZIP17974Jan 25 1992Displays information about your EMS Manager.
EMSTST10.ZIP13377Nov 4 1988Tests for the correct implementation of EMS 4.0.
EMSVER.ZIP946Oct 12 1988Determine version and kind of EMS (Dunford).
EMU.ZIP13002Aug 9 1990The Extended Memory Utility (EMU) is a DOS utility for displaying, debugging and changing the contents of extended memory.
EQ735.ZIP30687Oct 11 1990Lists your computer's configuration, and it's speed in Dhrystones.
ESDISCSI.ZIP10903Oct 23 1989Compares ESDI and SCSI drive technologies. Very good reading.
EVALCACH.ZIP39177Oct 26 1989Evaluates cache performance for your HD.
EVRBENCH.ZIP26191Jun 4 1988Check CPU against Everex 3000A.
EXEBG2.ZIP4746Feb 25 1993Finds/removes ExeBug II virus (03/01/93). From the McAfee Board.
FASTLK10.ZIP44547Mar 27 1991A menuing program that will password protect all your program files.
FICHECK5.ZIP81894Jan 1 1989Virus protection prog.
FINDWRM1.ZIP11167Nov 4 1991Find potential worm programs and filename conflicts V1.1 w/Turbo-C source.
FIXUTIL3.ZIP24210Feb 26 1992Master Boot Sector and Boot Sector anti-virus kit.
FLASHBAK.ZIP78961Dec 30 1986Execellent Backup Utility! Better than 'FastBack'.
FNGRPRN2.ZIP6141Oct 15 1990File fingerprint Version 2.0. Shows CRC16, CRC32, size, checksum.
FP-217.ZIP566351Mar 31 1995F-Prot 2.17 - Shareware/Freeware anti virus software. One of the best.
FRE405.ZIP2953Jun 5 1988Reports total & free memory of regular, expanded, and extended.
FREE145.ZIP12845Feb 5 1993Displays amount of disk space, used and free.
FREE21.ZIP25600May 17 1993Free Resources at a glance, cute utility to display text-based graphs of the amount of free memory and disk space available.
FREE403.ZIP5221May 27 1987Displays amount of memory, Total, Used, and Extended.
FSHLD14.ZIP30685Aug 27 1990File Shield claims to protect EXE and COM files from viral infection.
FSP_182.ZIP94933Apr 7 1991Latest version of FluShot, downloaded from Greenberg RAMNET in NYC.
FSTLOCK2.ZIP43264Feb 28 1990Fast Lock version 2.0 - Software "lock" for your hard disk.
FT119.ZIP98645Nov 19 1987Great, tells you what all about a program, compiler, interupts,etc.
FT15.ZIP13692Mar 18 1991FileType, version 1.5, is a useful utility that will make an educated guess as to the type of a file.
FTB.ZIP1678Sep 29 1988FTB is a TSR that shows the files and devices opened (through handles) by the current user.
FULLVIEW.ZIP40907Feb 9 1992TSR memory viewer. Hotkey into it at any time; look at memory, ports, etc. Rev 5.0. Somewhat crippled shareware.
FUTIL21.ZIP25634Jan 11 1990FUtility is a utility program written to analyze and report the system configuration of the computer it is run on.
FXREP302.ZIP78678Jun 10 1993Automate virus scanning using Frisk's F-PROT program. Very useful on LANs. Frequency of scanning determined by command line parameter.
GARG100.ZIP99951Apr 27 1993Gargoyle, Computer Virus Early Detection System. Runs automatically from your autoexec.bat. Can detect most file/boot/stealth viruses, etc. UL'ed by author.
GETBIOS.ZIP8014Jul 24 1992Save copy of your BIOS as a file.
GETVEC.ZIP7365Dec 2 1988Program to look at interupt vectors in low memory. Includes complete C source code.
GSETUP31.ZIP30275Mar 16 1989Latest version of the CMOS setup program for AT's.
GUARDIAN.ZIP12756Sep 30 1989Guardian is a boot sector protection program which, run at the end of each computer session will protect a disks' boot sector.
HDSENTRY.ZIP5810Jan 6 1988Run new files from floppy, and prevent writes to hard disk during evalua.
HDTRAK14.ZIP79670Oct 18 1993HardTrack 1.4 - Tracks Modified, New, and Missing Files on Hard and Network Drives. Use Automatic Daily Scan, Full Scan or PC Administraton modes. Report option reads an old scan file or current drive scan to report change
HIMEMBUG.ZIP6378Aug 9 1990Bug report for HIMEM.SYS, the version shipped with Windows 3.0. Included is a XMS memory tester to reset memory properly.
HLBENCH1.ZIP262180Sep 30 19911990 version of P.C. Tech bench test. Recognizes 486 and co-processors, allows the building of a data base of machines tested, and has a large data base of current 286/386/486's for reference.
HTLITE10.ZIP232048Jun 16 1992HighTest Lite Shareware version of the HighTest PC benchmark MIPS test for all IBM and compatible PC's and workstations. It includes CPU detection logic to run the appropriate tests -- MIPS*16 and/or MIPS*32 -- and show a
HUCKINDX.ZIP20417Mar 4 1988Simple CPU speed checker.
I-M222.ZIP327501Jun 5 1994Integrity Master 2.22 - Protect your data from viruses / hardware failures.
IBMCODES.ZIP3336Apr 2 1987Listing of PC error codes.
IDCLOG.ZIP8037May 9 1988Log computer usage.
IDEATBUS.ZIP8566Jan 26 1994Get IDE Hard detailed IDE Hard Drive BIOS information. Includes Pascal Source.
IFP1P158.ZIP114294Sep 17 1993INFOPLUS V1.58 system information. Displays 21 pages of information about different aspects of your computer. This version adds all-page printing, QEMM info, and more TSR detection.
IGNITION.ZIP14287Dec 27 1986Multi-password system lock with custom screens.
INFO-169.ZIP15788Mar 9 1988See info about your BIOS.
INFO.ZIP20438Mar 4 1990Display system information about PC setup. Inclues C Source code.
INFO1.ZIP154604Sep 29 1990Nice program that displays disk information on most major hard drives. Also includes BIOS drive tables for most common BIOS's.
INFOWORL.ZIP17948Feb 11 1988Infoworl is a benchmark program from Infoworld. It graphically displays the speed of the system that it runs on.
INT13.ZIP1511Feb 16 1987Shows access to disk a: useful for busting protection, prn must be on.
INTCHAIN.ZIP7625Nov 13 1987Determine all interrupt vectors and where they point to. Excellent.
INTERCE.ZIP34743Apr 18 1989Monitors a programs BIOS and DOS calls. Great for determining how a program operates, and what files it opens, etc. A must for debugging.
INTERLEV.ZIP2900Apr 1 1987Assists with checking proper interleave factor - handy...
INTMON.ZIP3505Apr 8 1987Monitors interupts, displays them when they are changed. (TSR program).
IOLITE2.ZIP4045Feb 3 1987Puts i/o lights on upper right of screen.
IOVIEW.ZIP5944Jun 25 1990This program views the activity of memory mapped I/O ports.
IS_APM.ZIP587May 25 1993Does your Notebook/Laptop support DOS 6.0's Advanced Power Management? This utility will tell you if it does.
IWBENCH2.ZIP19171Jul 31 1988InfoWorld Bench tests for AT Ver 2.00.
JUMPERS.ZIP22426Feb 27 1991Tells how to set the various jumpers on Zenith Computers.
KILLMONK.ZIP4505Mar 25 1993Finds/removes Monket Virus (04/05/93). From the McAfee Board.
LANBEN.ZIP34131Mar 17 1988PC Magazine LAN benchmark programs.
LANPERF.ZIP22045Oct 31 1991PC Week Lan Performance benchmark program.
LOCK.ZIP1705Sep 3 1986Keyboard lock.
LOCKER.ZIP1712Nov 6 1985This program allows you to lock the computer up while you are away from it. A hidden keystroke will unlock it.
LOCKIT14.ZIP7275Oct 25 1990Password protection scheme. Lot of features. Will keep out novices.
LOCKOU10.ZIP21477May 6 1992LockOut. Prevent access to your HD unless proper password is used.
LOG27.ZIP21091Feb 21 1989Log System Use + System Security.
LOGIN.ZIP89384Jun 14 1993GuardSet 2.0 creates powerful logon/logoff data security systems. You control access to any number of files and directories without locking your whole computer, re-configuring it, nor changing the way you access your data.
LOGIT.ZIP24307Apr 9 1985LogIt! is a set of programs which will document the usage of your computer by automatically recording the time at which a program was invoked and how long it was in use.
LOMEMMAP.ZIP11088Jan 12 1991Complete system map of PC low memory useage.
LOOPBK14.ZIP7276Feb 26 1992LOOPBACK is a utility program that will perform a UART loopback test.
LORAM100.ZIP16222Nov 27 1992LORAM simulates low RAM conditions for program testing. Specify the amount of RAM to leave free or the amount to take away before running programs. LORAM also returns the errorlevel of the program.
LTDFRE20.ZIP14582May 9 1990Display free space on all drives and free RAM as well.
M-JRUSLM.ZIP7550Aug 6 1989Heals and removes Jerusalem Virus (08-11-89).
MAP.ZIP6855Jul 26 1985Memory location mapper for memory resident programs.
MAPDSK30.ZIP52900Oct 2 1988VERY detailed map of RAM.
MCPDIAG.ZIP11404Apr 12 1991Math Co-Processor Diagnostic.
MD.ZIP8978Aug 1 1989MDISK Boot Virus Removers (08-01-89).
MDRDRV02.ZIP2490Sep 19 1992Latest release of Modem Doctor 4.01 external modem driver files.
MDT10.ZIP11147Mar 3 1990The Monroy Disk Test is a utility to help you pinpoint errors on your floppy diskettes.
MEMBLK21.ZIP8526Mar 6 1988This program is designed to display all the DOS memory control blocks used by your resident utilities.
MEMBRAIN.ZIP3593Dec 22 1985Creates Variable Size Ram Disk Device Driver.
MEMMAP.ZIP1821Jun 16 1988Maps memory like NU does disk space.
MEMSCAN.ZIP9637Apr 8 1988This program is a utility for programmers and other curiosity seekers who wish to view their PC in a different way. A more visual way. Memscan allows the user to see inside the 1-meg of PC memory, in 8 kbyte chunks.
MEMT386.ZIP33181Sep 4 1989Extended and DOS memory test for 386 CPU's, ASM source is included.
MEMTST.ZIP2804Sep 19 1989Tests Ram Chips on 386 machines. Runs in protected mode.
MHZPLUS.ZIP6535Dec 22 1988Changes memory refresh rate in order to speed up machine.
MICBRN31.ZIP62346Aug 13 1992Micro-Burn v3.1: excellent burn-in utility made especially for clone builders & service techs, with good graphics.
MIPS.ZIP5364Nov 23 1988Measure your system's speed.
MIPS11.ZIP5833Apr 16 1987MIPS will test the MIPS rating of your computer.
MODEMD60.ZIP155305Jan 1 1995Modem Doctor 6.0S, modem/uart diagnostics. The premier modem/uart system utility. Version 6 tests ports, IRQ's, & modem self-connect tests, handshake tests & more then 60 others. Support for IRQ 2-15, Digiboards, etc.
MOUSRPT.ZIP3767May 19 1991Display information about your mouse and mouse driver - buffer size, sensitivity, etc. Includes full ASM source code.
MR101.ZIP26505Jul 3 1989MR is small, efficient, and unobtrusive program that quickly reports the utilization of your PC's resources such as hardware devices, conventional memory, expanded memory (EMS or EEMS), and disk storage.
MSD301.ZIP163542Sep 14 1994MicroSoft Diagnostics 3.01.
MSD5UPD.ZIP23212Dec 10 1992Update to MS-DOS 5 checkdisk. Corrects bug that can scramble data using /F flag.
MSWAV.ZIP91815May 7 1993Latest virus signatures for MS DOS 6.0.
MTSR.ZIP4069Jun 12 1991Memory usage display program for DOS 5.0 and QEMM.
MXREP302.ZIP77945Jun 10 1993MxREPEAT ver 3.02. Automates virus scanning using McAfee's VIRUSCAN program. VERY useful on LANs. Scanning frequency determined by command line parameters.
NAT-UART.ZIP139572May 9 1991National Semiconductor UART Tests.
NAVSCAN.ZIP211813Aug 15 1992Symantec/Norton PD Virus Scanning Program.
NETSC97.ZIP134052Oct 15 1992NetScan V97 from McAfee - Virus scan utility for Networks.
NETSH103.ZIP96930Sep 10 1992Latest version of McAfee Net Shield NLM for Novell Networks.
NEWMATH.ZIP12053Dec 12 1994Test PENTIUM for floating-point error.
NJFRER.ZIP10056May 14 1987Nifty James's TSR free RAM checker. Works with conventional and EMS memory. ASM source code is included.
NMI103.ZIP5808Sep 14 1985Replacement for 'memory parity err'.
NOISE.ZIP4039Apr 27 1986Hear your interupts.
NORTONAV.ZIP195456Feb 16 1992Public Norton Antivirus for Michelangelo virus only.
NOVIRUS3.ZIP48926May 5 1988Virus protection. Computer viruses are getting more research than AIDS!.
NOX.ZIP4946Apr 18 1991Shut down your hard drive while testing new software.
OCLN106.ZIP253455Jun 23 1993Version 1.06 of McAffee's CLEAN for OS/2.
OS2SIG.ZIP120806Dec 16 1993Latest signature file for CPAV for OS2 dated 01/05/94.
OSC-212E.ZIP371309Oct 16 1994McAfee's anti-virus system for OS/2.
OSC-215E.ZIP415376Feb 14 1995VirusScan for OS/2 version 2.1.5 (215) 02/14/95 virusdata fil by McAfee, Inc. Scans and cleans PC's/LAN's for known and new viruses. Requires OS/2 2.0GA or above.
OVERHEAD.ZIP15780Dec 7 1987Computes the overhead that your TSR's place on your system.
P87TEST.ZIP5452Nov 13 1994Illustrates the Pentium divide bug. Note that the same number can be entered in the Windows Scientific calculator to replicate the error.
PARA10.ZIP42035Apr 4 1993Parallel Port Information Utility.
PARA14.ZIP85563Oct 29 1994Parallel port identification utility.
PARCRHK.ZIP3462Dec 12 1984A parity trapping routine.
PARKANY.ZIP568Dec 11 1986Small, but effective hard disk parker.
PASS20.ZIP31948Jun 9 1990A simple password utility to restrict access to a computer.
PASSKEY.ZIP32159Dec 21 1987Menu and security system with many very powerful features.
PASSWORD.ZIP21337Jan 6 1986Protect your files/data from prying eyes with this password routine.
PASSWRD.ZIP12086Apr 1 1987Password protect your PC with this device driver.
PASSWRD4.ZIP6597Apr 30 1985Locks your system through a device driver. ASM source.
PATCH.ZIP6749May 26 1984"Patch" files or disks using "Hex" or "Text" mode.
PC-177.ZIP16649Jun 4 1988Gives important system info. Rom BIOS, serial ports, etc.
PC-TEST.ZIP1116Sep 3 1986PC CPU Tester by ButtonWare.
PCCONFIG.ZIP91880Jun 2 1990TurboC/TASM program that will query a system's configuration, and other useful information. Source is included.
PCINFO.ZIP30884May 27 1991PC Configuration V2.17. Gives much interesting and handy info about your system.
PCMAP2.ZIP14009Apr 22 1989A TSR version with source of the PC magazine PCMAP program. Shows each block of memory, and its owner. Nice.
PCS204.ZIP98252Jul 11 1992Version 2.04 of PC-Sentry. PC-Sentry logs all computer activity including command line entries, file activity, keystrokes per minute, system in-activity, and more.
PCSECURE.ZIP50665May 12 1990This file is for unattended PC's, as it logs all keyboard access while your away. Useful security device.
PCWKBN12.ZIP260975Oct 24 1990PC Week's latest Benchmark Tester. Compares your machine against others.
PENTBUG.ZIP10507Dec 15 1994This simple program allows you to determine if you Pentium chip has the math coprocessor bug.
PENT_CHK.ZIP12785Dec 8 1994Check the floating point Pentium bug. About 2 millions chips affected.
PM14DEMO.ZIP98973May 6 1988Crippled version of Power Meter V1.40, great system speed analyzer.
PMAP210.ZIP31729Jul 3 1991Chris Dunford's memory mapper version 2.10. Displays a map of TSRs, device drivers, files, buffers, FCBs, etc. Also displays programs that may be running in high memory.
PMINFO.ZIP55977Oct 31 1994Measure protected mode, XMS, and CPU performance.
PMIPS.ZIP31855Sep 27 1991Measures different system parameters.
PORTEST.ZIP42313Feb 11 1991A diagnostic program for both serial and parallel ports with the capability of reassigning ports. It is fast, well documented, and easy to use.
PRCTST1D.ZIP3030Dec 7 1994Reports CPU type and identifies Pentium floating point bug.
PREFORM.ZIP75414May 22 1987AT benchmarks from PC Tech Journal.
PRKBLK.ZIP3649Aug 20 1987Park HD's/Blank scrn when idle.
PRNTST.ZIP8771Oct 14 1989Tests for proper interrupt-driven operation of the LPT1 parallel printer port. Helpful for resolving printing problems with OS/2.
PROGNOSE.ZIP15290Mar 4 1988Check for trojan utility.
PROVECRC.ZIP10127Jul 28 1988Proof you can modify a file w/o changing its CRC!.
PRTEST.ZIP7721Aug 29 1991Real-time status display of printer ports. Shows status in text and binary of LPT1 to LPT3. Good for testing printer cables, seeing if a printer is really online, etc.
PV12.ZIP139833Mar 5 1993PROVIEW is a menu driven program used to analyze, view and edit the basic components of a system, including the system memory, system interrupts, device drivers, and installed disk drive sectors and file contents.
PW63.ZIP10922May 4 1992PW version 6.3 -- Password on system boot up. Two tries allowed, and then system is locked. Logging of successful/unsuccessful login attempts.
PWBG20.ZIP9088Dec 12 1992Prevent floppy boot from accessing hard drive. No longer scambles partition table. Includes simple CONFIG.SYS password program or use your own.
PWORDS.ZIP11278Dec 24 1989A simple password protection driver for your PC.
PWPLUS15.ZIP19209Dec 27 1992Password Plus version 1.5.
QBENCH.ZIP150001Oct 30 1992Qbench is a hard disk benchmark testing program direct from Quantum Corp.
QINFO51.ZIP123175May 7 1993Qinfo v5.1 - displays system memory, hd, etc.
QMAP411.ZIP21864Sep 6 1989Decode and list significant internal DOS tables. Memory map, memory utilization, device drivers, logical devices, etc.
RAM.ZIP6312Apr 22 1989Gives a complete description of how much memory (EMS too) you have.
RAMAP243.ZIP11435Feb 5 1993RamMap has several functions. It displays what's in memory, and it is able to free up some wasted memory blocks.
RAMMAP.ZIP9872Nov 24 1990Simple utility to display and recover environment memory.
RAMMAP15.ZIP11941Jul 1 1993RamMap has several functions. It displays what's in memory, and it is able to free up some wasted memory blocks.
RAMSPY.ZIP3018Aug 4 1991RAMSPY is a tiny little tool to run around in your PCs memory to see what's cooking. It is most useful to find out what garbage has been left in unused portions of memory or what is loaded at a certain address. Includes A
RAMTEST.ZIP5553Jul 7 1986Test Your RAM.
RAMTEST3.ZIP51469Apr 4 1988This is Brown Bag Software's RAM chip memory TESTer version 3. On True IBM's, with the correct system information, it can tell you EXACTLY where a memory problem is.
READ4K.ZIP22252Nov 29 1989READ4K will read blocks(4K) of data from your HD or network. It will then return the throughput of your file system. Good diag. tool.
REFRES10.ZIP35363Feb 11 1990Find the best refresh rate for your computer.
REFTEST.ZIP15305Jul 4 1988Assess RAM Refresh rate - Creates .COM file to increse Rate! GOOD.
REGDISP.ZIP8282Nov 23 1984A truely GREAT program. Displays your registers in real time on screen.
RESLOG.ZIP11979Dec 10 1986Gans' mem-res disk/pgm activity logger v1.0.
RESQ11.ZIP27828Aug 23 1990A Menu program for McAfee Associates Anti-Virus products.
RIO.ZIP23775Sep 10 1990Logs all I/O to a specified file (to another file) - Handy for some debugging tasks.
RITIME1A.ZIP21395Mar 30 1991This will adjust the problem found on clocks of the 286-AT (IBM) only. It will take care of bugs evident after a 24-hour period. Docs included.
ROM.ZIP15808Dec 18 1989Nice utility that saves and restores CMOS for 286/386 computers.
ROM_DATE.ZIP5630Apr 5 1990Display PC's ROM ID and ROM Date. Includes TC V.2.0 source, uses peekb() function.
RT302.ZIP53083Dec 15 1988Ram Test version 3.02 from Brown Bag Software.
SBLASTID.ZIP51645Feb 4 1991Program to test for presence of a SOUNDBLASTER Card, and if found, report its I/O Base address. EXE and Basic Source.
SCANF13.ZIP26760May 1 1991Scans EXE files for ASCII characters.
SCANMENU.ZIP26255Sep 19 1991User interface shell for MacAfee virus programs.
SCANNER.ZIP51655Jun 14 1989Shows hardware setup : ports, addresses, DOS environment, etc.
SCANV112.ZIP259025Feb 18 1994McAfee's Virus Scanner version 112.
SCANX.ZIP153416Nov 19 1990Highly rated virus scaning program bundled with several others. Some are from England. Main program is slow but reportly will catch almost all viri.
SCN-215E.ZIP375276Feb 14 1995VirusScan for DOS new version 2.1.5 (214) 01/11/95 by McAfee, Inc. Scans and cleans PC's/LAN's for known and new viruses. Requires DOS 3.0+.
SCOPE140.ZIP93309Aug 15 1991DataScope is a powerful serial communications analyzer designed as a high performance tool for software and hardware professionals.
SECUR231.ZIP21234Oct 3 1991Latest virus protection program by Mark Washburn - very sophisticated.
SEE270.ZIP23658Feb 23 1994Displays information about the current use of MS-DOS memory by the operating system, and resident processes and data. EMS/XMS, UMBs. Works with QEMM, QRAM, shadow RAM. 8088 and higher CPUs. DOS 1 and higher, DRDOS.
SENTRY.ZIP10543Apr 11 1989Another one of John McAffee's virus defending programs.
SENTRY02.ZIP10897Sep 9 1989Latest SENTRY anti virus program.
SETCMOS.ZIP25972Jul 1 1992Allows users to reset cmos date/time.
SHADTEST.ZIP6354Apr 25 1991Program to test whether or not your PC has shadow RAM enabled.
SHOW314.ZIP22505Aug 10 1989Shows various DOS and system information. Very good.
SHOW87.ZIP4017Feb 29 1988Tsr show 8087 registers.
SHOWDEVS.ZIP6392Jul 19 1991SHOWDEVS is a small utility that displays information about the device drivers installed in your system.
SHOWS174.ZIP14365Nov 21 1991Show what chipset your computer uses. Version 1.74.
SIGN9_91.ZIP1397Jul 10 1991Latest Virus Signature File For Central Point Anti Virus. Adds Several new Viruses And Strains. Just Unzip To The Appropriate Directory.
SIGS.ZIP1397Jul 10 1991Central Point Software Virus Scanner -- Additional Signatures.
SMAP.ZIP6944Jul 21 1985A great program to check out the memory Mapings and All of your MSDOS co.
SNAPSYS.ZIP29135Dec 4 1993Finds and displays System Info Quick.
SNOOP330.ZIP160832Mar 19 1994SNOOPER is a system information utility ideal for hardware inventory.
SPC3.ZIP49461Aug 20 1992LiteSPC v3.00 is a TSR that quietly captures any data that is received on up to 2 serial ports and logs the data to disk. This background utility lets you continue to work while it quietly grabs data.
SPC_52.ZIP24154Mar 20 1991A very fast and thorough system diagnostic and status report. It is quick, well documented, and easy to use.
SPEED4.ZIP2510May 2 1986Checks speed of computer, quite good.
SPEED600.ZIP49893Mar 5 1993LandMark Speed Benchmark v6.00.
SPM.ZIP44276Jul 2 1991S_erial P_ort M_onitor is TSR which captures RS-232 data from any device and saves it to a logging file.
SQCHEK11.ZIP8929Oct 17 1989Checks inside ZIP/ARC/LZH files for Viruses (uses SCAN.EXE).
SSE-V2.ZIP11621Jul 28 1986System Speed Evaluator v2 -- CPU benchmarks.
SST.ZIP31040Oct 19 1987System Speed Test NICE!.
SSTAT104.ZIP3608Mar 11 1992SSTAT is a program that summarizes memory and disk drive utilization.
STEP13.ZIP14847Dec 30 1987Trace thru Interrupt 13's (for unprotection, etc.).
STOP.ZIP5558Dec 1 1988Use to test new programs for Trojans, turns off your HD.
STOP200.ZIP10187Jun 18 1990StopWatch is a program that can be used to time the execution of other programs. It uses the BIOS timer which has a resolution of ~55 milliseconds and should be accurate to at least .1 seconds. Turbo C++ source code.
SYSACT13.ZIP35019Mar 6 1992This Unix-like facility is provided to help advanced PC users analyze system activity and to identify programs that are consuming the majority of system resources.
SYSCHK1.ZIP9217Feb 2 1988Check system for virus at start-up.
SYSCHK40.ZIP103023Aug 7 1994SysCheck v4.0 - tests system resources: processor, hard disk, I/O (serial, video, etc). Good for testing new PC purchases.
SYSID51.ZIP60533May 28 1990Comprehensive listing of your system configuration. A full 16 pages of interesting, and helpful information about your system. Includes full TP 5.0+ source code.
SYSLOCK.ZIP13037Jan 3 1986Prevent un-authorized use of your computer system. Software lock.
SYSMON30.ZIP100982May 1 1994A program which monitors your system performance and reports any problems occurring.
SYSTAT.ZIP18554May 20 1987Check your system status and configuration. With Pascal source.
SYSTEM42.ZIP32262May 20 1989PC system analyzer, check system status and configuration.
SYSTEST.ZIP41930Oct 12 1988Simple, but useful system and disk diagnostic test utility.
TBAV630.ZIP278209Dec 5 1994ThunderByte Anti-Viral system. Includes a scanner w/ heuristics, CRC checking, auto-scan at boot-up, and more.
TBAVW630.ZIP211867Dec 5 1994Thunderbyte anti-virus system for Windows.
TBAVX630.ZIP90399Dec 5 1994Processor optimized versions of the resident TBAV utilities.
TBSCAN42.ZIP81896Aug 30 1992TBScan 4.2 Virus Scanner and Eliminator.
TESTDR12.ZIP29370Jan 19 1988Floppy disk drive diagnostics-Need special disks for some tests.
TESTX3.ZIP6308Oct 13 1990Extended memory test for the 80286,-386, and -486 machines.
TESX34.ZIP6517Oct 25 1991Test your Extended Memory while in protected mode. Version 3.4.
THRASH.ZIP34296Dec 25 1986This file finds out the best number of buffers for your config..
TIMEM100.ZIP10592Apr 11 1991Measure memory access times over any range of memory. Helps to find the best part of memory to use for a particular function.
TIMEZONE.ZIP5535Jul 2 1990TIMEZONE.COM is a non-resident program which provides an instantaneous display of both BIOS+DOS's time and date.
TL0411.ZIP72993Apr 11 1991Timelock - TSR that locks keyboard, disables mouse, and blanks screen after defined keyboard inactivity until the correct password is entered.
TMAP110.ZIP5546Feb 10 1988Memory control block mapper. Version 1.10.
TRACE-V2.ZIP4183May 8 1987A program to allow you to trace interrupts.
TRACK0.ZIP11608Sep 12 1989Protect your track 0 from accidental deletion. This program will save your HD's track 0 to a floppy, and allow it to me restored at a later time. Includes full C source code.
TRAP306.ZIP44199Sep 8 1990Trap interrupts. Select by int # and register values. Dump results to screen, printer, or file. From IBM Europe.
TROUBLE.ZIP6236Oct 26 1989Text file of tips on testing computer. Describes what each of the error beep codes stand for.
TRPDSK1.ZIP5230Sep 18 1986Update of bombsquad.
TSCAN112.ZIP26576Aug 19 1991TranScan v1.12 shell for Virus Scan within archives.
TSCN407.ZIP262043Apr 19 1993TRANSCAN v4.07 - The Premium File Scanner & Converter. Extracts compressed files of ALL types for Virus Scanning by ANY virus scanner.
TSS22.ZIP43626Mar 28 1988Presents all you ever wanted to know about your system and more.
TSTEMT.ZIP6940Feb 3 1991An enhanced extended memory tester. Works very well.
TYPENUM.ZIP8524Jul 17 1988Reports drive type and specs supported by your cpu.
UARTTY12.ZIP9204May 30 1992Several utilities, with ASM source, to detect and test UART type.
UMAX120.ZIP11629Nov 13 1991UMAx allows for the testing of a number of services of the extended memory manager, The testing includes upper-memory block services.
UNSTONE.ZIP25980May 24 1990Checks for and removes the stoned virus, probably the most common.
USE_V_3.ZIP21377Jun 18 1992Protect your PC from unauthorized use -- easy password program.
V2SG0219.ZIP36532Feb 15 1994Latest signature file for CPAV for DOS (2.X ONLY) dated 02/19/94.
VACCINE.ZIP25190Dec 23 1987Watches out for virus affecting COMMAND.COM.
VC.ZIP4269Nov 16 1988Checks boot records during initial boot for "virus".
VC300EGA.ZIP106078Jul 20 1991Virus Central's EGA Version 3.00 (07-21-91). Graphic User Interface Shell for use with McAfee's Scan and Clean Programs.
VC50.ZIP231426Nov 15 1992Victor Charlie is the world's first generic anti-virus program. Uses fast bait files and captures its own virus signatures.
VCHECK.ZIP11914Nov 29 1988Virus checking prgm using CRC technique.
VCHECKER.ZIP28438Oct 10 1989Checks COM/EXE/SYS/OVR/OVL/BAT files for virus.
VCOPY82.ZIP54108Sep 15 1991Disk copy utility which scans for viruses as it copies. Use with McAfee's virus program V8.2.
VDS30M.ZIP275347May 12 1994VDS is the shareware version of the military-grade Pro release of Virus Detection System, a comprehensive antivirus package with a fast scanner, integrity checker, decoy launcher, generic remover, and more...
VDSPD3.ZIP18171Jun 20 1991VGA benchmark up to Super VGA.
VECTOR31.ZIP4491Oct 23 1990VECTOR is a utility that will display your machine's interrupt vector assignments. You can ask for a specific vector or a range of vectors.
VGACC.ZIP25379Apr 5 1990VGACC is a test-picture which will help you to evaluate the convergence of your VGA monitor.
VIDSPD40.ZIP21564Oct 6 1992Test the speed of your video card.
VIEWCMOS.ZIP11186Feb 10 1990Displays contents of CMOS setup registers. Includes C source code.
VIRDAT97.ZIP25322Oct 23 1992NETSHIELD companion VIR.DAT file V97 (10-23-92) Download to upgrade NETSHIELD 1.03(V95) Downloaded from McAfee's BBS.
VIRLAB14.ZIP81237Nov 21 1991Simulate spreading of viruses through a graphics interface. Teaches about viruses without handling real viruses. Requires EGA/VGA + mouse.
VIRPRES.ZIP160321Sep 20 1989VGA virus presentation from John McAffee Associates.
VIRSCAN.ZIP33940Sep 22 1989IBM's program to search for virus. very good.
VIRSH11E.ZIP75461Dec 15 1991Very nice menu program for MacAfee's virus clean/scan. Use mouse and "windows like" menuing options.
VIRSIM10.ZIP21679Feb 12 1990Simulates the effect of several common virus infestations. An aid in identifying a viral infection in your system. All either clear themselves from memory or can be removed with " -".
VIRSIMUL.ZIP14363Sep 16 1989This set of proggrams simulates some of the more common symptons of virus infections to help you determine if and by what your system is infected with.
VIRUSCAN.ZIP15532Sep 12 1989Checks all files on a drive for viruses.
VIRUSL60.ZIP93213Apr 20 1993The latest virus info from the Internet VIRUS-L mail/forum.
VIRX27.ZIP150564Mar 29 1993Virx 2.7 Virus scanner by Microcomm and Ross Greenberg.
VIRZIP.ZIP2053Jul 25 1991Two BAT files to check all ZIPs in a dir with the latest version of SCAN every time it comes out.
VIRZIP14.ZIP15389May 6 1991VIRZIP 1.4 - The Automatic .ZIP file virus detector.
VKILL13.ZIP14924Oct 21 1990Find and remove Jerusalem virus, with C source.
VQUIZ93A.ZIP37217Jan 3 1993Virus Quiz program, test to see how much at risk you are to having a viral infection. You can also test your knowledge of viruses.
VS11B.ZIP13339Dec 6 1990VS is a ZIP file virus scanner. Checks zipped files for virus's.
VSH-215E.ZIP507855Feb 14 1995Vsheild from McAfee version 2.1.5 , resident virus scanner.
VSI.ZIP12513Apr 20 1987Graphical display of your system's configuration.
VSPD.ZIP18171Jun 20 1991Test speed of video board in various modes. Supports MGA,CGA,EGA+,VGA+.
VSTOP254.ZIP27928Jan 6 1990New Virustop program designed to stop viruses detected by McAfee's Viruscan.
VTAC50.ZIP40211Sep 29 1991Virus/mishap protection program. Small, but efficient.
VTEC48B.ZIP107718Mar 8 1993A menu interface for CLEAN and SCAN by McAfee. Newly updated for Version 102.
VXRF0691.ZIP9291Jun 1 1991Comprehensive virus information. Description of hundreds of virus's.
WATSON.ZIP108632Aug 12 1991This is Microsofts release of 2 diagnostic packages MSD for DOS and DRWATSON for Windows.
WHATAMI.ZIP23848Apr 26 1989One page summary of system contents.
WHATCHIP.ZIP4392Feb 21 1990Determines if your machine is using C&T's chipset, and if so, displays information on memory configuration.
WHET.ZIP111454Feb 12 1991Whetstone Performance benchmarks for 386/486 computers. Runs in protected mode. Required math co-processor.
WHTPRT40.ZIP12527Oct 11 1991Shows COM ports installed and what IRQ they are on. Great for mouse/modem conflicts, etc.
WINSIG.ZIP106253Apr 14 1993Central Point Anti-virus signature file for Windows (dated 4/14/93).
WPV101.ZIP124919May 28 1993McAffee's Windows Pro-View 1.01.
WSC-213E.ZIP538128Nov 16 1994Windows version of virus scanning program, version 2.12e.
XAM102.ZIP24536Mar 4 1993System configuration displayer. List ROM BIOS type and MB chipset.
XLOCK1.ZIP55072Aug 15 1990Nice security package to lock up PC and hard drive.
XMEM1.ZIP7589Sep 14 1990XMEM displays information about extended memory use.
XMSCHK.ZIP17763Aug 23 1990This is a public domain program that shows all the information you could need about XMS as running on your system.
XSNOOP.ZIP14385Sep 23 1989XSNOOP is a security program designed to discourage people from snooping in your personal computer.
XTDIAGS.ZIP8724Jul 27 1986Check out your XT.
YSYS12.ZIP15064Apr 7 1991YOURSYS - gives detailed information about your computer system.
YSYS20.ZIP28419Jun 22 1992Describes the configuration of your computer and outputs it in DBF format.
ZETA10.ZIP50422Feb 29 1988Zeta-Lock Password Utility +.