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Latest virus protection program by Mark Washburn - very sophisticated.
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Latest virus protection program by Mark Washburn – very sophisticated.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

SECURE v2.31 allows Control-P to work with a *priviliged* TSR.
Also, SECURE v2.31 incorporates internal design changes and
fixes a few software compatibility problems.

SECURE v2.30 fixes a minor 2.29 bug within the new TSR handling
code. In addition, I have added compatibility with TSR removal
systems to allow the removal of temporary TSRs loaded after SECURE.
You are allowed to have three (3) *privileged* TSRs loaded after
SECURE is loaded. As a rule, the TSR removal program should not be
privileged. *DOC CHANGES*

I've been doing so much testing of SECURE's compatibility with
existing DOS programs, I've over looked some testing with live
This version (2.29) fixes a bug I uncovered with viruses that
exit with a 'friendly' TSR call. This modification also
improves the overall security of the system. There are no
additional error codes; however, *privileged* TSRs loaded after
SECURE must be defined within the configuration file. (few
TSRs require such configuration) If you have a privileged
TSR, like a network driver, for instance, I suggest loading
it before executing SECURE. Any TSR loaded before SECURE is
given FULL privileges. In contrast, any TSR requiring system
privileges AND loaded after SECURE must be defined within the
configuration file. The new privilege mask is '00100000'
which will allow the program to operate as a TSR (and retain
its privileges). *READ DOCUMENTATION*

SECURE operates harmoniously with hundreds of programs but a few
programs experience conflict. If you encounter such a problem,
send me a message and I will see what I can do about it.
(It still stops or detects every virus I've tested.)

SECURE operates correctly with Windows 3.0 Enhanced mode.
(Also, notice the corresponding privilege line within SECURE.DAT.)

I'm looking for your configuration file examples to be included in
new versions of SECURE. Please leave a message on Terrapin (or
CIS [76050,2130]). Thank you for your support. Your configuration
parameters will help simplify future installations of SECURE.
Terrapin Data Systems : BBS (612) 623-0152

Custom versions of SECURE are available.

The command mode now supports the Ctrl-P key. This key
will modify the privilege of the current program (during the period of
its execution) to allow create, write, delete and rename of protected
suffix files. This feature is particularly useful when executing new
or unconfigured programs. Examples include: an INSTALL program that
unpacks COM or EXE files or using a DISK DOCTOR type program that
wasn't given the necessary privileges.

* Read the documentation for other changes. *

If you experience a problem with SECURE, leave a message for me at
Terrapin Data Systems BBS (612 623 0157) (or CIS).

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