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Find the best refresh rate for your computer.
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Find the best refresh rate for your computer.
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Contents of the REFRESH.DOC file

February 11, 1990 by Hal H. Foster
CompuServe ID: 76050,3556 & 73077,3666

This program will compute the optimal refresh rate for your computer's RAM
chips. After finding this rate, you will be given the option of either
retesting a given range of values at a different degree of accuracy, or
making the file "REFBEST.COM" which, when called from your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file, will set your optimal refresh rate automatically each time you turn
turn your computer on. On most systems, you should have a 3 to 20 improve-
ment in system speed.

This program is provided as FREEWARE and may be used however it is wished.
If you find it useful (or otherwise), please let me know through my Compu-
serve address given above. It is also hoped that you upload this program
to your favorite BBS(s).

This program directly modifies your computer's RAM refresh counter. If the
counter value is too high (probably close to 1000) then you may get a par-
ity error. This will not harm your computer if it happens, but you will
have to re-boot. Go back and choose a value less than the one that caused
the error.

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