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Evaluates cache performance for your HD.
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Evaluates cache performance for your HD.
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Contents of the README file

EVAL.PAS/EVAL.EXE -- Disk Cache Strategy Performance Evaluator

This program estimates the effectiveness of disk caching strategies using
a log of up to 8196 actual disk transactions from your first physical hard
disk. The TSR program SNOOP.COM maintains the log in memory.

This version of the program compares the performance of a simple write-
through cache to the performance you'd get from no cache at all. It bases
its speed estimates on hard disk characteristics you enter, rather than on
the actual characteristics of your machine, so you can see how drive
characteristics affect both system and cache performance. You can test your
own cache strategies by defining objects of the type CacheStrategy. You can
also observe the performance effects of cache size. As a simple experiment,
try reducing the cache size to 64K or 128K and press G to simulate the
results. You should notice a dramatic drop in cache performance.

This program is Copyright (C) 1989 by L. Brett Glass. It may be freely
redistributed for non-commercial purposes only. It may not be made part of any
hardware or software product without the express written consent of the
copyright owner. This program is supplied on an "as-is" basis. The author
assumes no responsibility for its correctness or its fitness for a given
purpose, nor for consequential damages which may arise from its use.

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