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Finds/removes Monket Virus (04/05/93). From the McAfee Board.
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Finds/removes Monket Virus (04/05/93). From the McAfee Board.
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Contents of the KILLMONK.DOC file

KILLMONK.DOC Instruction file for the KillMonk.exe program
(Version 1.1 U of A, July, 1992)

KILLMONK is a program for finding and removing the Monkey viruses from
hard disks and floppies.

McAfee's validate program should return the following values:

File Name: \killmonk.exe
Size: 14,650
Date: 3-25-1993
File Authentication:
Check Method 1 - 6B33
Check Method 2 - 161B

To Use Killmonk
1. For any virus testing, it is best if you can start the computer from a
clean floppy disk. Killmonk should work ok without this precaution,
if the monkey virus is present, but if any other virus is present,
the consequences are unpredictable.

2. Check your system using an up-to-date general virus scanner.

3. If the computer passes the general scanner, then run the program
KillMonk.exe. It will prompt you as required. Carefully read
anything it reports to the screen.

4. If the monkey virus is found on your hard disk, you will be asked if
you want to clean the disk. If yes, killmonk will try to remove the
virus from the hard disk. If it is successful, the computer will be
restarted, to ensure that the virus is not still running in memory.

5. If KillMonk does not find the virus in memory or on your hard disk,
you will be given the option of scanning diskettes for the monkey virus.
You can choose to scan drive A:, scan drive B:, or quit. If you scan a
diskette, the options are repeated until you choose quit.

6. If the monkey virus is found on a diskette, you are asked if you want
to remove the virus. If you select yes, the program will try to remove
the virus. This should work with the four common formats of diskettes:
360k, 720k, 1.2Mb and 1.44Mb.

As a side effect, KillMonk may recognize that your system is infected
with other boot sector viruses, such as stoned, Michelangelo, or most of
the Empire viruses. It will tell you of these infections, but it cannot
remove these. Instead use a general virus disinfector to deal with these
virus infections.

All rights to killmonk.exe are the property of Tim Martin. The program
may only be distributed freely. I bear no responsibility for any problems
that may result from the use of killmonk.exe.

Tim Martin
[email protected]

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