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Identifies system CPU, includes assembly source.
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Identifies system CPU, includes assembly source.
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CPUID593.COM 533 345 deflated

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Contents of the CPUID.DOC file


The attached CPU / MCP identification assembly code will determine
which Intel microprocessor and Intel Math CoProcessor (if any) is
installed in the system. If an Intel486tm microprocessor has been
recognized, the program will determine if the CPU has a floating
point unit (Intel486 DX CPU, Intel487tm SX MCP) or not (Intel486
SX CPU). This code should be executed so the system can be configured
for a particular application, which may depend on the type of
microprocessor and math coprocessor installed in the system.


Intel486, Intel487, i486, i487 are trade marks of Intel Corporation

v5.92CPUID592.ASM, .EXE (Toad Hall Tweak)
v5.93CPUID953.ASM, .COM (Toad Hall Tweak)

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